Monday, September 15, 2008

Moral Authority And Babies

They know what causes this you know. And it isn't the stork!

I was dismayed, but not surprised to see an article in the Idaho Statesman regarding the elimination of daycare for teen mothers at a high school because of the loss of a grant.

Don't misunderstand; I'm all for these young women getting as much of an education as they can. This is Idaho - a Republican red state, conservative, strong Christian values. This is the state where Sarah Palin was born. Not that it matters.

However, we are all agog about her strong values and the roots from whence they came. She is a Christian and pro-life. She supports birth control. She is a member of an anti-abortion, pro-contraception group know as Feminists For Life. She has an unmarried, pregnant seventeen year old daughter.

Obama has been villainized for promoting "age appropriate" sex education. Which would you rather have? Children, boys and girls, growing up with morality as well as an understanding of the consequences and responsibilities that come from straying, or school administrations having to worry about day care for mothers barely beyond childhood?

I know my preference.


Sylvia K said...

Amen to that! You know that we feel the same about this. But yes, by all means lets bring lots more unwanted babies into the world so they can be maybe abandoned later, be victims of child abuse -- oh, please, don't get me started. I have four kids and I did, I do adore them, but I had a lovely home to give them and two parents who adored them and nurtured them and took part in their education. Not all people are able for various reasons to do this and this country in overflowing with homeless and abandoned children. Yeah, I know, yada, yada, yada. But you get my point?

Anonymous said...

As for Obama's "age appropriate" sex ed, it was to teach kindergartners about inappropriate touching to protect them from sexual predators. And parents had the ability to opt out of it if they felt it was inappropriate.

The subject of your post is one that has always stumped me. For some time now it's felt that those who most strongly oppose abortions on moral grounds, don't think anything of dropping bombs on innocent civilians. And support for those unmarried women (or couples for that matter) who choose to keep their babies, seems nonexistent.

Has anyone seen an analysis of why this is the case?

Dogger Blogger said...

I agree with you totally