Monday, September 29, 2008

What Was Pelosi Thinking?

The gavel had barely fallen when the Republicans were out in force blaming Nancy Pelosi's speech at the end of the rescue plan debate for causing the vote to fail.

If ever there was a time for leadership to take a conciliatory stance this was it. Especially with so many house members facing re-election. But no. She had to use it as a campaign diatribe of her own blaming the Bush administration for everything and touting how wonderful the Democrats are. Not even all of them agreed with her. Ninety five Democrats voted against it! That's leadership?

The Senate comes next. Oh, boy.

Back to Pelosi. Here we have a woman, a seasoned politician and Speaker of the House leading the way on a serious and delicate matter. Where was the deft hand? Instead of encouraging the vote why did she have to throw it in the administration's face? This was not the time for politics as usual.

A seasoned, experienced politician. An extremely partisan politician. A slip up of major proportions. These things happen. They shouldn't. I expect our leadership, no matter the party, to know when to be prudent.

McCain claimed that by his presence all was well. It was not. Another seasoned, experienced politician. Do we really want a light weight waiting in the wings?

We've potential wars looming all around the middle east, we've natural disasters on our own turf we have yet to figure out how to handle, the next President will have the responsibility of getting this financial mess back on track. I want that President to have a number two that can look all these issues straight in the eye and know how to deal with them.

What I don't know is what we will get.


Sylvia K said...

And you're not the only one to wonder what we're going to get! This has been one more crazy, unbelievable day and all the name calling and fingerpointing ain't going to get it done. Fogive me for saying this, I don't want to be offensive, but the worst work experiences I ever had was when I worked for a woman, I did it twice and swore I'd never, ever accept another job where I had a woman for a boss. I don't like Pelosi, maybe she'll do something worthwhile, but I haven't seen it yet -- just more of the same.
Hey, other than all this crap, how's your day?

Margie's Musings said...

I don't like Pelosi either. She should have gone after the Bush administration with impeachment. They met all the criteria. After she said that wouldn't happen, I knew she had a skeleton in her closet.