Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anarchy Looms!

This election is going to go down in history for many reasons. The first viable black candidate, the first Mormon candidate, the first viable female candidate and the oldest first time candidate. There is one more element and the most disturbing of all.

At a time when both candidates are championing the need for non-partisan cooperation and each claims to be the one most able to accomplish same, this is turning into one of the most divisive campaigns I can remember. I cannot ever remember the anger being shown within the parties at their own candidates such as we've been seeing at McCain rallies.

Today Michael Barone, in his column talks about how the Democrats are doing their best to quell anything put forth deemed criticism of Obama. Some supporters have gone so far as to threaten criminal prosecution of his critics. They have even gone so far as to edit the content on a Saturday Night Live skit that spoofed Barney Frank and a couple of contributors. This is obstruction of one of our few remaining freedoms - that of free speech, the First Amendment!

It is disturbing enough to watch the hate mongering I wrote about in the previous post. The "Obama thugocracy" , as Barone puts it, suppressing free speech is something we indeed need to fear should it continue unchecked.

These are frightening times. People are worried more than most have ever been in their lives. You have to be of my generation or older to remember the great depression and the World Wars. Even the Korean "police action" as they liked to call it. Knowledge of how these events were resolved and those who were the players are little more than names and lessons in a history book. If history is even being taught anymore. Revisionism seems to be popular this day and age so I have no idea what students are being "taught".

While all this is going on I'm looking for one or both of the candidates to take control of their own people and reign in the turmoil. I do not see it on either side. If the people are left to their own devices and their frustrations are allowed to boil over, neither candidate will ever be able to regain control. Then it becomes anarchy.

That's all we need on top of everything else.

Come on gentlemen. You're each vying to be our leader. Show us some leadership and nip this now while you still can. For your sake. And for ours!

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