Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Editorial Endorsements Ought To At Least Get It Right!

Eastern Washington is heavily Republican as is all of Idaho, so it was no surprise this morning when I saw that the editorial board of the Spokesman Review
endorsed John McCain.

At best it was lukewarm, a dictate from management it would seem, but never-the-less some of the text was ridiculous. For instance it points out McCain's call for an increase in troops was indeed the correct call. What isn't mentioned is that General Eric Shinseki told the Senate back at the outset, according to the AP , that a successful postwar occupying force would have to be several hundred thousands in order to stave off ethnic tensions and other problems. Rumsfeld stuck with his lean and mean theory and Shinseki lost his job.

The editorial goes on to suggest that McCain's stand on torture will do a great deal toward re-endearing us to the rest of the world. According to the Washington Post he called water boarding "torture and illegal" yet voted against Democratic sponsored legislation that would have, indeed, banned it along with other coercive tactics used by the CIA. He voted with the minority. Fifty one Senators voted for the ban.

As for the likelihood he'd be more bi-partisan with the Democratic led Congress on economic issues facing the country, I'd rest better if I thought he actually understood them.

In conclusion it is suggested we need a leader who has proven leadership and that John McCain's is a matter of record. Right. He suspended his campaign, ran to Washington, after snubbing David Letterman in order to visit with Katie Couric, then ended up voting for what may be the largest pork laden bill in the history of the country. Doonesbury is keeping McCain's promise to make those names public. How About Gary Trudeau for President?

There is more, but you get the idea. One reason why I read a wide range of papers and magazines, ones that I can actually name, is so I can get beyond managerial prejudices.

There is more at stake here than the "vision thing", as Bush one liked to say. It has a lot to do with who has the vision and how it applies to the people of the country today and in the future. A seventy two year old man does not see the world through the eyes of our youth. Neither do I. Though I make an effort. I have young friends I stay in touch with, listen to and ask questions of. We think differently and we learn from one another.

I want to enjoy the time I have left as pleasantly as possible; the young have so much more at stake and they deserve a leader who understands that - and them.

I'd at least like to have a President that knows what a Blackberry is and can send his own e-mails!


Margie's Musings said...

Agreed! I don't trust McCain any further then I could throw him.

Sylvia K said...

I have to admit my "remaining years" don't look as though they're going to be a lot of fun and if I keep shooting off my mouth and pen and McCain happens to win, I may spend them in hiding.

Word Tosser said...

Great Post...

TropiGal said...

It is all pretty dismal. I am glad I have found some like-minded online friends who know what I mean. Excellent analysis.