Sunday, October 05, 2008

McCain's Macaca Moment Compliments Of His Brother?

Remember when Virginia Senator George Allen was on the fast track to the Republican nomination? Then he tried to make a joke by referring to an East Indian supporter of fellow Senate candidate Jim Webb as "macaca".

Macaca translates a couple of ways. It could be referring to a monkey that lives in the Eastern Hemisphere or, as in some European cultures, it is considered a racial slur. Either way, it was demeaning to the young man and in spite of explanations that fell flat and apologies, Allen's Presidential hopes came crashing down around him.

Maybe the candidates and their surrogates ought to leave humor to the professionals at Saturday Night Live.

Though I do have to laugh at the lunacy that is going on around us.

John McCain's brother, Joe, while campaigning for John referred to the Democratic leaning counties in northern Virginia as "communist country". Do these guys ever think before they speak? Of course the campaign passed it off as his attempt at humor. I have no doubt that it was, but I'm wondering how the local Democrats like being equated with Communists!

If "lipstick on a pig" is always a referral to Sarah Palin and Obama is "pallin' around with terrorists" I guess this comment should not be blown out of proportion. McCain spokesperson Gail Gitcho passed it off with this, "John McCain and Sarah Palin are committed to winning the support of voters in Northern Virginia and understand the region's importance to victory statewide."

I know McCain/Palin are a pair of mavericks and I know negativity is supposed to be the most effective way of winning votes, but I have yet to understand the strategy of damning the opposition as a way to convince voters you are the best choice to lead the country! Especially if you need a portion of those opposition votes!


Linda said...

I no longer think of John McCain as a maverick. That all went out the window for me, in this election. He's sold his soul to the radical right of his party.

His appointment of Sarah Palin shows me he has no respect for women, only uses them for what he perceives they can do for him, and that includes his marriage.

I believe he's had more than should be allowed of "macaca" moments.

Margie's Musings said...

I too have lost whatever respect I ever had for McCain. He has thrown his reputation to the winds.

Betty said...

Just what we need. Another big-mouth brother.

Word Tosser said...

local Democrats like being equated with Communists is suppose to be funny? That is humor? Maybe I am too old and still remember the 1950's but Communist isn't funny in any way or shape to me...
Shame on Mr. Joe McCain. And these are highly educated men?