Friday, November 14, 2008

Bill And Hill - A "Two For" Again?

I'm beginning to worry about myself. I think I may actually have morphed into a full fledged political junkie. I'm finding the post election intrigue absolutely fascinating.

The Washington Post , among many other sources, has reported that Hillary Clinton is being considered for Secretary of State. I doubt that she'd take it if offered because two women have already held the position, but the idea of it is rife with possibilities.

Especially if Bill should become the Special Envoy to the Mid East. Add to the mix Tony Blair who holds the same position for the European Union! What a power play.

Just think, Bill would be able to truthfully say he has the Secretary of State's ear. Hillary would be able to say she has the Special Envoy's ear. They both, of course would have the President's ear. And remember Tony and Bill got along famously before he went on to become Bush's "poodle"! Think of the "bad cop, good cop" scenarios that could play out! If this duo and Blair couldn't bring all those pesky factions into line, they could sure confuse the bejabbers out of them!

It could be economical too. They could share a plane! Ah, the Clintons. The world is their stage. I wonder how many curtain calls they have left!


Linda said...

How does this play out for Joe Biden? He's also a Middle East expert. How would he and Bill get along? The ever present question, "What to do with Bill." He has to have a very short leash. He's great when he's good and a disaster when he's bad. Hillary has trouble keeping his leash short enough. As someone said earlier, "he's a hard dog to keep on the porch."

Rinkly Rimes said...

Knowing next to nothing about US politics I'd like to see Hillary in an important position. I was torn between wanting a Black and a Woman in the election, and now I might get both!

TropiGal said...

Very well written; it gives us a lot to think about. It seems to me that the world is a big old troubled place right now, with room enough for all the great minds we can recruit -- Obama, Biden, the Clintons -- to sort out things.