Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Political Expediency Trumps Party Loyalty

Man, I feel like I'm watching the political version of the Sopranos with Joe Lieberman as Tony! A man with no scruples, no honor, loyalty only to his own ambition.

I liken it to the Sopranos rather than the Godfather because the Democrats seem to have lost the part of their collective anatomy that would have kept their voices deeper. I'm also beginning to worry about the "new" politics. I've heard of "turn the other cheek" and "forgive and forget". Nice platitudes all, but this is ridiculous. All because the Democrats need Joe Lieberman's vote. It's disgusting.

It really began back in the 2006 primaries. Ned Lamont beat Lieberman so Lieberman ran against Lamont, and a very weak Republican as an Independent. When he won he labeled himself an Independent Democrat so he could caucus with the Democrats. That should have been the handwriting on the wall.

So what happened? Chairing the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee wasn't enough? He wanted a bigger leadership position since he had been a failed Vice Presidential candidate? The grass looked greener?

Ah, yes, there was that fateful kiss. Such a kiss usually has dire implications, but true to the Bush administration's inability to get it right, the one who was doomed was the one who planted it!

Opportunity once again raised it's head. The real possibility of becoming a Vice Presidential candidate once again. He glued himself to Republican McCain's side even more tightly than Cindy or Lindsey Graham. Alas, the fates were against him. McCain couldn't choose him and McCain lost. No cabinet position here.

But there is hope and change brewing in Washington. A new type of politics! Is there a place for Lieberman to resurrect himself once again?

Yes! His own party (Democrat again, if you're having trouble following this) said, this is "not a time for retribution." And, "He is one of the most progressive members to come from the state of Connecticut and that says a lot." What? What does that say? Maybe Chris Dodd can explain it to me!

Man, what other profession can one enter where you can call your own shots, decimate the candidate from your own party and be welcomed back with no penalty.

Joe Lieberman. You are a good example why people have little taste for politics. And you Democrats who allowed all this largess for the sake of his vote are a close second.

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