Friday, November 07, 2008

To Malia And Sasha From The Dogwalker - "Get A Mutt From A Shelter!"

Dear Malia and Sasha,

I'd like to offer a suggestion. Forget about the designer breeds and the pure breeds and stick with a mutt. It's the American thing to do. Because it's what we all are! Even your Dad admitted to it in his press conference today.

Yes, I know. We've always been pure breed types, Saint Bernards being our preference, but along the way we had two of the greatest mutts in the world.

One hot, summer Sunday afternoon we had taken a drive to the mountains with Oaf, our Saint at the time. We stopped at a store to get something cool to drink and encountered a girl, about your age, with a box of free puppies. She had two left. My husband told me to take a look. They were so cute. Indeed they were. As are all puppies.

Just about that time her older brother came along to see how things were going. Upon learning there were two left he reminded her what had to be done if they couldn't find them homes. Hub immediately said to me, "Tell them we'll take them."

"Both?" I asked.

"Which would you leave behind? Besides, three aren't any more work than one!" Easy for him to say but take them we did.

The sign on the box indicated they were part American Eskimo and part German Shepard. They looked like neither. Our vet laughed heartily as he checked them over and suggested I return in a few weeks when they began taking on some characteristics. The best we could determine was a hearty mix of Border Collie and Newfoundland.

Louie and Marie, for that fateful Sunday was Bastille Day. We had them for twelve years. The biggest Border Collie (Marie) and the smallest pointy nosed Newf (Louie) you could ever imagine. They were wonderful.

I have loved all our dogs equally because each had their own particular personality that made not doing so impossible. Our Saints were all pure breeds yet that has not kept them from having their problems. Sometimes too much of a good thing can lead to bad. I truly believe a mutt gets the best of both parents. Ours were elderly before they began having, by then, anticipated problems.

I understand, Malia, you have problems with allergies. I'm sure, with all the dog shelters around this country, there is, at the very least, one that has puppies with the qualities you find necessary.

I wish you and Sasha great fun and success in your search. You will be entering a stage of great responsibility and stand to serve as role models for every young pet owner in the country. A responsibility not to be taken lightly. In return you will gain a friend and companion like you have never known or even imagined.

Love your puppy and you will reap rewards that you will treasure a lifetime.

Sincere hugs, tail wags and slurpy kisses,

Mari Meehan and Bacchus
Dogwalk Musings


Sylvia K said...

Great post! It will be interesting to see what they choose. The main reason I have a Schnauzer is because of my allergies, they don't shed and this takes care of that, plus they don't have a dog smell which also helps with the allergies. Hope you're doing okay, haven't heard from you in a bit.

Hughes ap Williams said...

Every Doberman we've had for the last 30 years has been a rescue. If you can get a copy of "A Rare Breed of Love" by Jana Kohl, look for the picture of Senator Obama and Kohl's rescue dog Baby - and the accompanying comment about how impressed she was by Obama.

For a picture of Baby and one of Baby and Obama:

TropiGal said...

It certainly would continue the sense of wonder of the Obama election if they got a dog from a shelter. What a great example to set for the nation.