Friday, December 26, 2008

The Morning After!

If Santa was late to your place on Christmas this may be why. He got stuck in our front yard. He's still there. He's likely to be there in the spring!

Winter in northern Idaho isn't advertised like this in the life style magazines for sure! Last year we had just as much snow but it took all winter to accumulate. This year it has piled up since just after Thanksgiving and isn't over yet. Another winter storm warning looms for tomorrow through Sunday promising another eight or so inches. Then you won't know Santa is stuck in our front yard because you won't be able to see him!

The good thing is Hub finally got out and got extra belts for the snow blower. And gas. The drive is now clear. Almost. The flurries have added a new half inch just this evening.

The bad news is the temperatures are to moderate which will make the snow heavy, wet and extremely hard to move. I predict more broken belts! Plus the temperatures will drop below freezing at night creating a sheet of ice over the hard pack.

It's a shy week to New Years. We've left overs a plenty. We bought New Year's Eve bubbly while we were out today. I've got a new camcorder to play with. Posting to the ole blog will resume. Politics are heating up between the Caroline Kennedy Senate quest and the Blogojevich mess in Illinois. What more could an addicted blogger want?

Looking ahead now; maybe a chance to spend Christmas in the Southwest. I understand the saguaro look spectacular decked out in lights. On second thought, make that winter in the Southwest!


Sylvia K said...

Everything is still such a friggin' mess here! It snows, then warms up and rains, then freezes and like you we then have the ice. Seattle has no idea what to do or how to deal with it. Ah, well, makes life interesting I guess. Now, if I can just get my computer taken care of on New Years day with my new found techie! Stay warm, have a sip of bubbly for me!

Word Tosser said...

Ah, but you know that these two winters are the rare ones... so this too shall pass...
The weather I saw, showed snow for 7 days... let me see...the flood was 40 days and 40 nights... are they connected?
With the sunshine today, I was able to maintain... it is the gloomy days that get me..

Margie's Musings said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blog then. That's the sort of thing I enjoy reading. Thanks.