Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One Man's Pleasure; Another Man's Penalty!

I haven't watched much football this year. The game has become so regulated that the fun and spontaneity has gone out of it. Heaven forbid you rough up the quarterback. Heck, let them wear the necessary padding like the guys who really get beat up! Put some sizzle back into the game!

The Seahawks against the Jets was the exception to this season's viewing habits. I really wanted the Seahawks to give Mike Holmgren a win for his final home game as coach. So did the team and their enthusiasm showed after what has been a dismal season.

Penalties were few but the ones called brought to mind just how ridiculous the league has gotten with the penalties for "excessive" celebration! Jason Wilson's snow angel! What was so egregious about making a snow angel? Because there was snow! Go figure. If there had been no snow and he had made a "grass" angel no problem. But snow is considered a prop. A prop? Props aren't allowed since Terrell Owens hid a Sharpie in his sock, whipped it out after scoring, signed the ball and gave it to a fan.

Oh, I get irritated with the show boaters at times. Especially when their team is down by a gazillion points, someone finally scores and they act as though they've just won the super bowl before they get blindsided. That, however, is just a minor irritation.

But a snow angel? From a member of a team who had few highlights this season? Come on guys.

Sometimes it's not so bad living in a dog's world. Bacchus makes snow angels in the winter and grass angels in the summer with no penalty what so ever!

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