Friday, March 20, 2009

An Upbeat Week

To see an upbeat, playful Bacchus is a real treat. He's been on his new med for a week now. At first he slept so soundly I thought he'd slip into a coma but as the week progressed he seemed to gain a bit more energy.

The med is a beta blocker, which in essence acts like a governor on the heart, preventing it from beating beyond a certain level.

Yesterday we went for a ride. A real ride. Over to Kalispell via Polson and Big Fork. One night last week Hub woke up with a start having heard through his sleep a huge snort and a long, wheezing sigh. It's over, he thought. He found Bacchus sound asleep against the cool of the back door. The culprit was me. So we went to Three Dog Down, our favorite shop in the world to buy feather bedding. We got me an anti-snore pillow!

The we drove up the East side of Flathead Lake to Big Fork, on to Kalispell and finally on home. With lots of stops and wonderful new smells and hearty, if not healthy, McDonald's lunch. It was a glorious day!

Today we had the blood pressure checked and it was fine, respiration was good as were the beats per minute even though he was at the vets!

One issue is he has lost a bit of weight. The cardiologist said it was muscle mass and our vet agreed since he's not as active as he had been plus he goes on his eating strikes unless its people food.

Pill taking has graduated from hot dogs and smoked sausage to chuck roast. He's beginning to take pills in better food than we often eat. He is, however, regaining some appetite so next week we're going to do the blood pressure/weight check drill again.

Thursday and again Friday when I shot the video makes it all worth while. Hearing that drummer of his keeping the beat is truly music to our ears!


Margie's Musings said...

What a darling dog!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, it's so good to know that he's doing better! He looks great! And it does sound as though you guys had a great day!

Word Tosser said...


Glad Mr. B is doing better

Anonymous said...

Big Bacchus on patrol! CU