Friday, April 10, 2009

Right In Our Own Back Yard

As my readers know, I've been embedded with the local vet med community over the past several months because of Bacchus's fight with heart disease. During this time there have been some letters to the editor in the local papers criticizing that community. I have strongly defended them and the following clip is one of the best reasons why.

You see them along the freeway exits and on city streets. The homeless and the poor. With their pets. The only living being that cares for many of them. Their lifeline in many cases. How do they care for them? Especially in this current economic climate. One reason found it's way to NBC's Nightly News "Making a Difference" segment. The video says it all.

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Rhi said...

It bothers me that there is criticism, as you don't necessarily know the circumstances under which one became poor or homeless nor is it really anyone's business.
I'm glad there are people out there helping these less fortunate pets get the care they need.