Saturday, May 09, 2009

Good Friday!

Friday the 8th! WSU day. No raptors this time. Graduation is Sunday and the campus was buzzing with students in caps and gowns taking one another's pictures in front of campus icons.

New 4th year students were just beginning their rotation in cardiology, our usual doctor was off studying for her boards and the vet med lobby was a beehive of activity.

Bacchus took at all in stride. He was patient while the students each took their turn in examining him. They aren't called Saints for nothing!

His reveal revealed he had a few "episodes" over the past month but that he had bounced quickly. He's going to have them. Hopefully not severe enough to do him in. They probably come when he's barking at a cyclist or walkers passing by on the road.

They sent us home with no changes in medication, an appointment two months down the road rather than the usual one and an appetite for a double Arby's to make the one o'clock pills more palatable!

Oh, yeah, he's gained two pounds!

As I said last week, these updates will no longer be a weekly exercise, but for this week the good doctors at WSU have given me the best "Mother's" day possible.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, I'm so happy that Bacchus is doing so well! And I'm happy for you because I know what relief it brings. Hope you're having lovely weather, we have a couple of gorgeous, take-your-breath-away days and then more rain, but we're getting there! Enjoy the weekend!

Linda said...

This is wonderful news. We'll take all the good days that come our way. Hang in there Bacchus.

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo! CU

Betty said...

I'm glad Bacchus is doing well. And, you're doing well, too, because he is.

TropiGal said...

Thumbs up.