Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama, You're Scaring Me!

I have not been pleased with many of Obama's appointments because they don't have the qualifications for the jobs they fill. I understand, though, that's politics. I had hoped Obama would play the game differently. It is apparently not to be.

His choice of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court confirms it. First I don't subscribe to the notion that the justice need be a woman nor a Hispanic if either, or as in this case one and the same, is not the best possible person available. Oh, I know, women are under represented and so are Hispanics. So are American Indians, Asian Americans and dozens of other ethnic groups who are all citizens of the United States! They just don't happen to represent voting blocks of any magnitude.

That she feels the court is to make law rather than interpret it is troublesome. That she ruled in favor of the City of New Haven, CT against the white firefighters that were denied promotions because there was no black that passed the test doesn't just smack of racism, it's a knock out punch. That she has been overturned more than the soil in my garden doesn't comfort me either. According to Politico her views on other issues are all across the board. She's elusive. As a way to stymie those who will be questioning her for confirmation, this may be a smart political ploy. For the people of this country and for the President who put her name forward, this is risky business.

According to all the conservative talk shows today Rahm Emanuel pushed hard for Ms. Sotomayor over Obama's instincts. There is no way of knowing how true this is but from what I've seen I would trust my instincts and say the possibility is high. That also goes to the issue that Emanuel, as chief of staff, is doing the governing while Obama continues to campaign.

The bright side is, if confirmed, she is but one vote on the Court of nine. The dim side is that while the Republicans will rail against her, they have no leadership to take the argument to the people. Even dimmer is that Obama may have two more seats to fill before he leaves office.

The Supreme Court is not supposed to be warm and fuzzy and bring one's personal life history into decisions. They are to sort out conflicting opinions in law and uphold the Constitution.

Obama has stated he believes the Constitution is flawed. If he is going to appoint justices who agree with that stance, we may end up thinking the Bush administration abuses were a walk in the park.


John Dwyer said...

As always, excellent and thoughtful comments.

Linda said...

Gracious, you and Margie at Margie's Musings are certainly into gloom and doom today.

Margie's Musings said...

I am leery of her too. She has been challenged too many times.

Word Tosser said...

I don't care if the person is a man, woman or gay... I don't care if they are black, purple, Indian, Asian, white, or what ever..
I don't care if they are rich or poor.... I just want the best one. One who has a level head, is fair and can understand our Constitution
and can keep it intact.

Anonymous said...

The Hispanic vote (according to predictions) will soon be one of the largest blocs in this country. Thus, the Hispanic/female combination was a slam dunk. Never mind that the candidate hasn't a correct(or apparently any) idea of just what an SCJ actually is meant to do. Never mind that she has been overturned so many times her nickname is whirling dervish, nevermind that she rules based on her personal agenda as opposed to the law (hence the above record), she represents a huge voting bloc and to this president and his string puller, that is all that counts. So B.O. thinks the Constitution is flawed.....interesting that this country has endured and flourished for over 200 years. That our freedoms are envied and millions still desire to live here. That we have an enviable standard of living and the abilities to attain whatever we work for, the all knowing B.O. says our Constitution is flawed. Woe are we!! Take that Thomas Jefferson, Barack Obama says you blew it! I've said it before and I repeat, be afraid America, be very very afraid!!

Could it be that Barack Obama continues to campaign because, in actuality, that is absolutely all he knows how to do? Because as sure as little green apples will give you a stomach ache, he doesn't have a clue how to govern. CU