Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preferred Camouflage

Some days it's good to get away from the tube and the computer and do something useful.

It's a beautiful spring day. The trees and shrubs are finally beginning to bud and the birds are morphing from mating season into parenting!

The Killdeer that have nested between our fence and the road have four new chicks. I always fear for them for they often get hit by cars which race by, the drivers paying no attention.

The ones in the back of our five acres tend to fare better. Hub is very conscientious. He had to get started on the mowing today before the field grass gets completely out of hand. Suddenly there was a clamor from the Killdeer that indicated he was in dangerous territory. They even woke up Bacchus who was snoozing in the shade while I was doing some planting.

As is the usual routine, Hub stopped the tractor, sought me out and sent me off to find the nest. Right. But I comply. For about 15 minutes I made my around a patch he had not yet mowed looking for the nest. It isn't easy to see! Of course, that's the idea!

But alas, I finally spotted four eggs nestled in a tiny bed of grass. Huge eggs considering they are small birds. I called to Hub to bring a flag and mark the area. He had missed them by a fraction of an inch.

It made my day.

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