Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susan Boyle Boils Over!

When I saw this photo in one of the British Tabloids, The Sun, earlier in the week, I cringed and chose to ignore it.

I figured it was the beginning of the end of the fairy tale that was Susan Boyle. Tonight it proved to be so. She placed second in the Britain's Got Talent competition that she was favored to win.

I have a few thoughts on why. One, she chose to sing the same song that launched her. I don't follow this competition enough to know if that is a regular practice or not, but I think showing a range might have been better.

Of far more importance, however, are the tirades that made world wide press. Here is this 47 year old spinster that had never been kissed, paying homage to her late mother by entering the competition and member of her church's choir letting go in a couple of very public tirades with liberal use of the "F" word. Ahhhh, Susan.

Okay. Not every one can handle the onslaught of pressure that sudden fame brings. I understand that. The language, though, I think, was the image breaker. It indicates she might not be quite what we wanted to think.

Wanted to think. I dreamed a dream - and it became a nightmare. I watched the announcement of the winners. She was gracious, but somehow the final flash of thigh seemed less than spontaneous and maybe a bit tawdry.

I'm sure she will reap riches from her experience. She may not have the physical attributes for stardom but she can, indeed, sing. I wish her well as her life goes on.

For me, though, I'll never view her in quite the same way. It's that "F" word. It shattered the illusion.


Linda said...

I agree. I decided she was not going to be able to handle fame.

Margie's Musings said...

I have to agree. What a shame she lost her cool.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, Paul Potts sang Nessun Dorma again for the final. Susan sang Memories from Cats. Her original song was from Les Miz. That would have been a better choice for the final. I didn't see the thigh flash bit. As the story is told, she was being seriously harrassed by the papz's and verbally fought back. Sadly, she chose the wrong word to fling at them. That being said, next to politicians, the papz's are truly the scum of the earth. Being harrassed by anybody is an unpleasant experience. For this lady it was too much. Pity she didn't choose to simply tell them to get a life. Also a pity that this show didn't help her in how to cope. CU

DNA_Etc said...

So somebody isn't allowed to lose their cool like a normal woman would if two people are poking and prodding to get her angry? I think it's unfair to expect someone to act like a saint just because she goes to church. When pushed to the limit even people that love God and go to church say the "F" word.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Perhaps it's an old fashioned notion, but in my day and age we were taught ladies did not use such language no matter how much they may be provoked. It's a matter of decorum. I may be the only one around who finds it's use offensive, but I do and I don't apologize for it.

Word Tosser said...

I am sure she will do well, just as Adam who came in second on American Idol will... be it their talent or their quirks with their talents.

June Saville said...

I feel so sorry for Susan Boyle and yet hopeful at the same time.

It appears she has developed a mental illness following the stress that no doubt came about with the huge change in her lifestyle following TV success.

She's receiving treatment now and has the money to pay for that. This help, bwgun so quickly, will probably have her well again soon.

I forecast that Susan will be singing for some time (if she can balance the activity) and that we won't hear the 'F' word from her lips once she is well.

I like to remember that there are two ways of looking at a person with a mental illness - there is the person whom we know and love and there is the one who is the product of the illness.

Susan the singer and loveable lady is still there - she's not going anywhere.
June in Oz