Saturday, June 20, 2009

A President Is No Better Than His Advisors!

I'm beginning to wonder if it's pure arrogance or the epitome of naivete. We're seeing more and more of one, the other, or a combination of both.

First we witnessed a multitude of lapses in protocol that left many of us shaking our heads. Currently we're watching two pieces of additional evidence unfold. The first, and most serious, is Obama's utter silence on the happenings in Iran. As he spoke of not wanting to be seen as meddling they were accusing him of doing just that. If he and his advisers really believe his silence will encourage the Mullahs and Ahmejinedad to enter into meaningful dialog with us, I'd like to know their hallucinogen of choice! This on top of his "conciliatory" speech in Cairo enforces, to me, that they think he can be played. I'm beginning to consider that possibility.

On a less serious note, but equally as telling, are the jokes he told at the Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner. It's one more indication to me that he is either tone deaf, he needs new writers and advisers other than campaign workers and Chicago style politicians or he is ill suited for the job.

Was it funny when he suggested Ambassador Holbrooke, who wanted Hillary's job, sprayed the floor with WD 40 to cause her fall and subsequent injury and that she was willing to "settle"? Was it funny when he alluded to being in "bed" with Brian Williams, that he was a sloppy guest and may have even clogged the toilet? Was it funny when he "complained" the dinner had interrupted one of his and Michelle's infamous "date" nights? That they had planned to go out for Thai - in Thailand?

Maybe I'm losing my sense of humor as I age, but I find none of these particularly side splitting. I would consider both Holbrooke and Hillary had been mildly insulted. The Brian Williams joke was tasteless. The auto makers were pilloried for going to Capitol Hill to testify, in their private jets, yet Obama and Michelle tool around the country for "date nights", with their entourage and fleet of vehicles, at our expense. Air Force One is not the Obama's private jet!

Those who are suggesting Mr. Obama spend less time in front of the cameras are giving good advice. He may continue making the same gaffes but at least they would be less obvious. But, alas, I don't see that Mr. Obama as one who is a seeker of wisdom. With the heavy handedness his administration is demonstrating, I fear he's believing his publicity by the media he is being accused of controlling.

He best remember the lessons being learned by Iran's governing body. Twitter can be a more powerful force for change than rhetoric.


Linda said...

I disagree.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Linda, there was no doubt in my mind but that you would.

WR said...

Hello from the Central Valley in Ca...where some areas are experiencing 35% unemployment. The joke was tasteless and jetting around for a date night with the wife is tasteless when so many people are losing homes, struggling with foreclosures and just got a pink slip.

Thought the comment about Sotomayor was interesting. The Belizean Grove does discriminate against gender - odd when a woman gets nipped for doing what men do all the time. Anyway, no doubt she did not see herself as Supreme Court material and that says something. I'm glad she was a part of the organization I still do not like her politics due to her pro federal - anitstate-rights positions.

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Finally, the voice of reason in this otherwise bewitched country. Thanks for this, refreshingly, unbiased blog. Everything you've said here, I've read elsewhere, so I'm pretty sure you're pretty informed.

Word Tosser said...

Great post, making us think of all sides... even if I have trouble with some of it. I feel pulled in both directions.
Obama being in the view more than past President.. does that run in the idea he said during elections of being transparent? Yet, there are times I feel it is over done.

President jokes never go over well. Look at Bush, he surely bombed with his... and even a few of the older ones. Maybe it is inside jokes? I don't know, maybe find better things to joke about.

As far as him speaking up about Iran, I am glad he doesn't. I don't see England speaking up or others. The best thing is to keep it low keyed or actually I am more comfortable with him keeping his mouth shut.
After all, would we want them second guess our elections? Had they weighed in on the Bush/Gore mess, would we taken that well? No. We just didn't go to the streets and get beat. Oh, what about Kent, we weren't much better there either.

The Obama date nights. Reminds me of Kennedy's who came to Newport R.I.(Jackie's mother lived there) often during his term. Which never made the news. And others that went to their favorite place often but not in the news. Bush in Maine, Reagan to Ca. and etc.
And a lot of Obama's thing is, he doesn't invite the media. They hound everyone... including him. This is a far more visible times than in the past from the media,Twitter, U-Tube and etc.

Sorry for the length.