Monday, July 27, 2009

Game Face?

We knew it was going to happen. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has reinstated Michael Vick. Yes, there are conditions he must meet, yet still...

Okay, I'm not having a good day. Bacchus is having a terrible day; something he hasn't had in quite awhile and I'm worried sick. That being the case, this news is even more difficult to digest.

I was listening to the news as the story broke and was appalled at the rationales being given. One anchor, a female no less, said she was an animal lover, but what would we rather have, Vick getting a second chance or going on welfare? Please. That seemed to be the prevailing attitude. Now why would a big strapping guy like Michael Vick have to go on welfare? He can work. He just wouldn't have the earning power he had before.

Of course an NFL team would have to take a chance on him. There is no doubt in my mind one will. I decided to do a little investigating to see what financial sacrifice he might have to endure. The NFL team with the lowest payroll is the Arizona Cardinals. Not that they would want him, but this would be Vick's worse case scenario and would go up with any other team. Their starting quarterback, Kurt Warner , will make $6,006,240 this year.

It is unlikely Vick would land a starting job. Arizona's number two, Matt Leinart, pulls down a cool $2,256,240. Well, let's be realistic. He'd be more apt to get the third slot. Brian St. Pierre draws $465,000. To most of us that is not chump change!

One thing I think should be demanded of Vick. That he be required to reimburse the folks at Best Friends Animal Society who have spent untold hours rehabilitating and caring for his dogs.

Michael Vick's sentence was 23 months. They are saying he has paid his debt to society. He has yet to pay his debt to those dogs. That's how I feel as I fight for the life of my dog!


Margie's Musings said...

Oh Lord! I hope Bacchus is just having one bad day. No wonder you are upset although it upsets me to think of Michael Vick going free.

Linda said...

Amen. Who's going to be watching this guy to see he doesn't repeat his offense? If he doesn't do it on his property he'll be making bets on fights held on other properties. I have no respect anymore for the professional teams. They're little more than animals now.

Back in the days when Tom Landry was coach for the Dallas Cowboys he demanded they wear sport coats when traveling and to act like human beings. He didn't put up with this kind of mess. Now that Jerry Jones owns the team they're little more than wild animals. Disgusting.

Just Jenn said...

I am an avid NFL fan and I love the Falcons. However, I love animals more, and for Michael Vick to get off so easy for this makes me ill. I don't care how famous he should have had to serve the same sentance as any one else would have. Dog fighting is a popular activity in Georgia, I used to live there, I know. Hopefully this will bring enough attention to it now and it will end!! As for Vick and welfare, yeah right, I highly doubt it!!

jangellar said...

Is he really the kind of person we want to hold up as a model for our young people? In my opinion, he should never be allowed to compete in any kind of sports again.
The picture of the dog makes me sick to my stomach. I have taken in a number of stray and homeless cats and I have no doubt that the dog pictured could have been a loving and faithful companion given half a chance.
I hope Bacchus has many better days ahead. It just breaks your heart when they are ill.

Anonymous said...

I think your wrong. If Vick could pay the debt to those dogs. He would. I gaurantee it 100 percent, but the fact is he can not. I'm sure the murderers and manslaughter people who are in jail would wish they could take it back. Vick did what the justice system said he should do. 23 months. If you think he should have gotten more, then blame the justice system, not vick. He is being proactive. He grew up with dogfighting, he did not know any better. HE started when he was eight and grew up with it. I'm not saying it was ok for him to do what he did, but I can understand why. I forgive him, and all you so called "against dogfighting" proactive people who 65 percent of you didnt really pay attention to dogfighting before vick and now all of a sudden hate him just because you have a dog and like dogs should forgive him too. If you really cared you would have been fighting this crime all along. Not just bringing it up now.

Dogwalkmusings said...

I see it differently Anonymous. Animal Rights groups have been fighting dog fighting far longer than the Michael Vick story. He just brought the horror of it to light.

As for it being an integral part of his nature because he was involved since the age of eight, sorry, but I don't buy it. He knew it was wrong to the extent he didn't reveal it to VPI nor the Falcons. Once one is an adult, one should have the ability to choose between right and wrong. Anyone who participates in an activity, keeping it under wraps, knows it's wrong. I don't buy either of your premises.