Thursday, July 23, 2009

National Cankles Awareness Month

This is the last post I'm going to devote to the inanity of things people concern themselves with rather than important issues of the day. Even though they often tie together. Like cankles for instance.

Here some of us are giving the administration a pass on very bad health care legislation because it's Obama and we have to give him a chance. It isn't the fact that seniors are likely to have their health care rationed that's concerning people, it's the fact that if one has cankles one doesn't look good in capri pants! They ought to remember that they too are likely to one day be seniors!

The Wall Street Journal devoted an inordinate amount of space to it this morning! Ah, our obsession with our shortcomings. At least Hillary lives with hers! Just look at her cankles compared to Chelsea's slim, trim ankles!

What are they? When the calf meets the foot without a discernible ankle it's referred to as a cankle. It apparently bothers those so afflicted a great deal in order for an entire month to be devoted to raising awareness!

In doing a bit of research on this I find gyms are devising programs with special exercises devoted to reducing calf to foot fat. Even plastic surgeons are preforming liposuction. There's even a Facebook support group called "Cankels Unite!"

You've got to love it. According to the paper this type of leg used to be referred to as "stovepipes". I remember them as "piano" legs. Here are a few other physical maladies that could rate awareness months. Saddle bags for ample hips. Poor Hillary, she's "saddled" with those too!

Love handles, that plentiful pinch around the waist. Muffin tops that came in with the popularity of low rise jeans. Let's not forget bat wings, the flab we older folks tend to develop on the upper arms. Here's one for the guys - bay window, beer belly or dunlop's disease for the belly dun lop over the belt!

Fortunately, insurance plans don't pay for things cosmetic. It makes me wonder, though, if people have expendable income to have these unsightly blemishes removed or hidden, do they not have the money to pay for a health insurance premium? Who knows. It's rather like the milk versus methane comparison I wrote about yesterday.

As for myself, even though my ankles are fine, I just don't wear capri pants. Nor low rise jeans nor sleeveless blouses. Those days are long gone, if they ever were. Maybe what we really need is a "how we can live with it awareness month"!


Betty said...

That's why she has a closet full of pants suits. lol

Sara Williams said...

Thank you for your educating blog, I now know what cankles are!! I think the human body should be celebrated for what it is. Life forms us and the batwings, muffin tops etc are like scars, they are markers in our life journey.

cconz said...

Thanks for the chuckle for the day. I did'nt have any idea what a cankle was.