Thursday, July 30, 2009

'Tis A Puzzlement!

I am well aware that the numbers being bandied about regarding the numbers of uninsured Americans are less than accurate. The idea that there are no programs for the poor are also inaccurate. There is Medicaid, which is specifically designed for these folks.

One reason I am leery of anything comprising heavy government involvement is exemplified by Medicaid. You see, it is a joint program funded by both the federal government and the states. Here's where the problem comes in. Wealthy states budget more than poor states yet poor states tend to have the people most in need. You'd think the feds would help the poor states by giving them a larger piece of the federal pie, but no. The more money the states budgets, the higher the federal piece. Sounds like governmental logic, doesn't it?

I'm not going to begin to get into why more poor aren't enrolled. They either are unaware of it or won't pay the premium which, purposely, is rock bottom cheap. It's so much easier to go to the emergency room and stick the rest of us with the bill.

Now. We know part of the fight is over the cost of this health care overhaul. Those planning this bill have come up with a way to trim $100 billion from the $1 trillion price tag. According to the Wall Street Journal,
The cuts would be achieved in part by asking states to share in a planned expansion of Medicaid, which offers health insurance for the poor, and by requiring low-income people to pay higher premiums to purchase insurance.
What is it about "poor" they don't understand?

In the very same issue of the Journal is this article, Pinched States Wrestle With More Cuts. We already know what's happening in California because it's getting the press. Let's look at a few others in trouble. Pennsylvania may stop paying state workers. Any bets how many will go to the office?

Arizona is considering selling it's House and Senate buildings. They could turn them into housing for the homeless! The shortfalls are staggering and getting worse. How are they supposed to step up Medicaid programs? They can't fund anything!

Liberal talk has been taking great glee in the fact the Republicans are in total disarray. They have no leadership other than want-to-be's like Sarah Palin or mouths that roar like Rush Limbaugh. That may be true.

What's worse, however, is the Democrats not recognizing the reality of the situation they want to blithely "fix" without so much as reading a written word! I don't see leadership there either. I foresee chaos.

The Democrats are the party of big government. You are witness to how well it's working and don't even start with the "he's only been in office six months" mantra.

The truth. The country is a mess. Another truth. The bigger the government involvement, the bigger the mess. Just think about Congress as a whole. How many of them are career politicians? How many of them have a clue about business management? They read so little before passing legislation only we have to adhere to, I wonder if they can read.

Too bad it doesn't equate with talking!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, how is this for a concept? Why not (have the politicians) figure out what exactly doesn't work with the current system before implementing an even bigger govt. boondoogle into the equation. It is much easier, to say nothing of more cost effective, to repair that which is in place, rather than add another govt. run disaster. But then when did govt. ever take the sensible route? CU

Linda said...

I believe I have a little different understanding of Medicaid than you. I've always thought Medicaid was aid for the chronically ill, and disabled persons with little income. A friend's two daughters are on Medicaid, both mentally disabled. It took several tries before being approved, quite a process to go through. I've never associated that program for the poor who find themselves needing to see a doctor from time to time. No state could afford that. If anyone who's poor can qualify then I have a niece just out of prison I'd better see that she gets Medicaid. I don't think that program is for her.

Our niece is working but has no benefits. I believe she would have to go to the county hospital to receive her care, or drop in on some hospital's emergency room.

I believe Medicaid covers children in our foster care system and I'm sure there are other groups of people they cover but I don't think you get coverage just because you're poor. I could be wrong. Personally, I'd rather work than fill out all the paperwork and go through the process of qualifying for Medicaid.

Linda said...

Coverage for the poor and uninsured in this country is going to be extremely difficult to accomplish.

There are people in this country that if we personally handed them the money each month to pay for health care would choose to buy the latest music, game and computer gadgets. Most of this group are young and healthy and feel entitled to have what they want. Paying for insurance is not first on their list.

I believe many immigrants do not understand the system, often do not speak English, and the current way works for them.

There are people who've fallen into the poor mind-set. It's a spiral, something I don't understand, but real never the less. I'm not sure how to help these people. They're sad cases. We have some in our family.

There are some who've learned to work the system and they do it well. We've also had some of these in our family.

Many spouses in America are working only to provide insurance for their family so their spouse can continue to be self-employed. Self-employed people have a hard time affording insurance. I would be really annoyed if that were my situation. Insurance should be affordable for the self-employed.

At the university where I worked single people who worked in housekeeping and landscaping did not carry the insurance offered by the university because their wages for so low they could not afford it.

What about our niece? She's working, doing well, and would gladly pay for some insurance coverage if it were affordable. Where does she go for that? Individuals have a hard time finding affordable insurance.

There's also the group that lost their insurance when they lost their jobs. What are they to do?

What about the ones who can't get insurance coverage because they have a preexisting conditions? Not everyone can hook onto insurance in a large company or a family package.

These people need to see health care reform. Personally, my situation is good and I'm very happy with my insurance coverage. I feel bad for those seeking affordable insurance and finding only closed doors. Some changes need to be made.

Linda said...

The thing that disturbs me most is being at the mercy of Congress for health care.

I'm very disturbed that the highest ranking Senators and House Members are so heavily invested in the health care industry.

I'm disturbed campaign donations have poured in to these people's coffers from the health care industry.

I'm disturbed the spouses of so many of these people are employed in high level positions in the health care industry.

I'm disturbed by the millions upon millions spent on lobbying.

I'm more than disturbed that this issue has taken such a partisan turn. Our health care should not depend on partisan politics.

Margie's Musings said...

Medicaid is for the poor that are disabled. Not everyone can get Medicaid and a medical card. I worked in the Red Cross office for four years and in the FAST office three years and we constantly ran into folks who were disabled but it took three years to get their disability and a medical card for Medicaid if they were able to get it at all.

Dogwalkmusings said...

While requirements differ from state to state, Medicaid is not limited to just the disabled.

Word Tosser said...

Medicaid is mostly but not just those who are on welfare. One thinks of it being for disable because if you know someone who is on it...they are disable.. but everyone who has welfare....has medicaid. Even those who are low income with Medicare... it is used as a supplement for those who can not afford the supplement.

Margie's Musings said...

In Kansas you can only get Medicaid if you are disabled and unable to work. And you have to prove that.