Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aryans - Why Here?

About ten days ago I wrote a post on the resurgence of hate groups in our little corner of the world. They are not new to the area. A time came when the community said enough was enough. They lost their compound and it was thought they were pretty much gone when the founder of the Aryan Nations died just a few years ago.

As I had talked about, they have reappeared. At first they were distributing their hate literature in the dark of night locally. It has since begun happening across the state line in communities in Washington. Friday, the powers that be from the local communities, police, local officials, and human rights groups, called a press conference to denounce this activity and state that they were prepared to nip it in the bud by threatening prosecution if anything escalates into criminal activity.

It would seem they are a day late and a dollar short because earlier this week an armed man was arrested for harassing and slinging racial slurs an individual in front of his home.

They've gotten the press they want. Public officials have put them on notice to watch their step while they cry about their right of free speech being violated. I have no doubt this is but a drawing of a line in the sand by both sides. It's a drama I would rather not watch play out but have no doubt that it will.

We understand why these people feel emboldened; the economy has people frustrated and angry. The race issue of having a black President. Hate groups see opportunity.

It has been made perfectly clear on a number of levels they are not welcome here. They had been eradicated so it was thought. Wrongly. My question is, and perhaps it merits examination, what is it about this area and the people who reside here that they find so appealing?


Sansego said...

What is it about that area? Well...its isolated, predominately white, has a history of people with anti-government beliefs (an independent streak), and people who live there tend to be conservative or libertarian.

It was my curiousity about the neo-Nazis in Coeur d'Alene / Hayden Lake that made me curious enough to swing through there during Spring break 1999, on my way to Seattle from where I was going to college in Provo, Utah. When I saw how beautiful Coeur d'Alene was, I hoped to be lucky to live there someday. I still have that dream, after visiting twice in 2008.

I'd hate to see those people come back to the region. But, they are everywhere...its just that northern Idaho and northwestern Montana offers enough isolation for them to hide and do their thing. I love the cartoon picture. So true!

Word Tosser said...

Idaho has been the "hole in the wall" for all kinds for years.. and they aren't the first group. Sadly..
There are others here that don't seek the publicity