Sunday, August 09, 2009

It Isn't JUST Health Care...

The news has been filled with stories regarding varying degrees of shout downs at the town hall meetings being conducted by our Congressional representatives. The Democrats are screaming bloody murder that the Republicans are "organizing" them. The union bullies are showing up to even the score. People are being injured and no one is really being heard.

Have you taken a good look at the people doing the protesting? Many of them are of my generation or close to it. They are scared. Period. Forget the claims that many are too well dressed to be authentic. What kind of an argument is that? Forget too that it's all political. The only side that's political are the politicians trying to sell their constituents on a bill that doesn't exist. It is of little comfort when the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, tells us not to sweat the details. Sheesh! There aren't any for crying out loud! That's part of the problem!

Think about the article by Christopher Leonard, AP business writer telling of the jobs people are taking because nothing else is available. Low paying, no benefit work such as working in slaughter houses, sewage plants and prisons. Not because they don't have the skills for better jobs, because there are no better jobs!

I haven't heard mention of it yet, but I would guess our citizens will soon be displacing all those illegal aliens doing grunt work in agricultural fields we'd never consider doing ourselves before now.

Bills have to be paid. Period. The body must be clothed and fed. Period. One does what one has to do. Remember the adage "if you've got your health you've got everything"? Do you suppose, just suppose that's part of the equation of fear here? Jobs are gone, homes lost and anxiety alone will take a toll on your health. Why would any right minded person think people wouldn't be afraid when told, be it true or not, some abstract group of bureaucrats are going to determine what they can and cannot do to to insure their well being?

It's not just the idea the health care overhaul bill is a bad one, it's all the circumstances we face in our everyday lives these days adding to the angst.

The public isn't the villain in what's taking place, no matter what their party affiliation. It's politicians trying to force one more abysmally incomplete piece of legislation on us when we've already been beaten into the ground.

Maybe Ms. Sebelius doesn't want us to concern ourselves with the details because that's where the devil is. He also occupies another place I would prefer not to experience and it's probably even worse than being forced into a job where you cut diseased and damaged flesh off chicken carcasses.


Word Tosser said...

Have you looked at the person in fast foods now? High school kids are having a rough time getting those jobs that were thought to be high school and college kids jobs.

Margie's Musings said...

Ms. Sebelius was Kansas governor for several years. Before that she was our Insurance Commissioner. I have talked to her personally and she helped settle a car insurance mess I got into in the 90's.

I trust her. She was an excellent governor who protected the interests of Kansas all the time she was governor. If there was ever a politician I's Kathleen Sebelius. A fairer, more concerned person for justice in her position, I have never met.