Monday, September 28, 2009

All Hat And No Cattle!

When our government finds itself with allies like Cuba's Castro and Venezuela's Chevez, one might think something is amiss. Well. maybe!

I felt from the first time it made news, that the U.S. condemning the ouster of Honduran President Zelaya was a mistake. It was an internal matter, and the idea that we can't support a coup no matter the reason was flawed. Well, maybe!

Especially since Zelaya was trying to thwart his own constitution a la Chavez to open the doors to becoming another President "for life". Never mind that their own courts, attorney general and their version of Congress acted in concert on the situation, calling in the military only to see Mr. Zelaya out of the country.

Well. He's back now, hiding out in the Brazilian embassy. It would seem, according to the Miami Herald the Honduran government has a better reason then the one mentioned for refusing to allow him to regain power. He's claiming Israeli mercenaries are torturing him with high frequency radiation! Israeli mercenaries? Likely to storm the embassy and assassinate him? Why? Whoooweeeooo!

I wonder how Obama and Hillary are feeling about their actions now! Of course Zelaya has his supporters; most despots do. They are creating havoc around the embassy as Zelaya calls for insurrection. Meanwhile the citizens cannot even get to grocery stores to buy the necessities for their families; a curfew makes it all the more difficult.

Zelaya has no plans to leave the embassy any time soon. He says, "A country can't have two presidents - just one."

Do you think he should take the hint? Do you think we should take the hint!

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