Friday, September 25, 2009

Where's the TSA?

I got to thinking after watching the chaos at the G20 just why those rabble rousers aren't on some kind of watch list while so many everyday citizens are. While we get man handled at airports they fly around with impunity. It's because they go through the same inconveniences we do knowing full well the odds are with them.

While skimming the Drudge report today, four headlines caught my attention:
Terror suspects accused of targeting Marine base...
FBI arrests Jordanian for Dallas bomb plot...
Illinois man charged in plot to bomb Federal offices...
Men vanish after taking pictures in Philly subway station...
There have been an increasing number of headlines like these that should give us pause. It's comforting to see the FBI is on the job. I wonder, however, if some of these people haven't flown around the country from time to time whether it be on "business" or not. And if so why have they not been caught?

Is it because they blend in with the travelling public so well that they are no more suspect than any of the rest of us? They are so practiced at what they do there is never a downward glance in the face of authority or a nervous twitch? If so what is the use of putting all of us through the humiliating scrutiny of the TSA?

Of course, in the Philadelphia case, the men in question had an easy time of it because the fancy "state of the art" security camera system has yet to be activated and they don't have a clue as to when it will be up and working.

We have a new Secretary of Homeland Security. It would be nice if she would review some of these practices to determine if they are worth the expenditure. Is the TSA catching anyone? If so they need to talk with their media relations people because the word isn't getting out.

Yes, we have the right to protest, we have the right of free speech but that does not include the right to destroy and intimidate. That should apply to both sides. Does the government have the right to destroy our rights and intimidate us into allowing it?

I'm beginning to wonder if they think they do. The FBI is doing it's job for a change. How about everyone else? Hmmm, I'm wondering if not buying health insurance and being fined for it would be considered intimidation?

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