Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jihad - Home Grown And Otherwise

When I'm looking for material to substantiate a post I come across many things of interest. Sometimes they don't manifest themselves into something meaningful until there is a catalyst. Last night, while killing time between programs, I came across just such.

What initially caught my attention was an article on Breitbart about Obama offering millions to a Muslim nation technology fund. It was a "What the...?" moment. The thought that occurred to me was why fund the advancement of people who hate us? Would those funds, which are supposedly going to be used to foster development of new computer technologies, media, education and clean technology among others, be better used promoting the same technologies in our own country?

The catalyst that has me wondering if we've totally lost our senses was the airing of The Third Jihad which is a chilling reminder of just what radical Islam is all about and how close they are to overcoming the western world. This particular segment tells us of how they are moving away from violent jihad to cultural jihad.

When you think about the recent arrest of Najibullah Zazi in New York, it is a reminder that jihad is at work on our own soil right under our noses. We cannot wish it away.

There was a snippet in the morning's paper and much more online regarding a female Saudi journalist who has been sentenced to 60 lashes for the crime of being a part time employee of a network that aired a story revealing the sexual confessions of a man. She wasn't even involved in the story. It makes the administration's bad mouthing of FOX News look like child's play!

One thing The Third Jihad makes perfectly clear, Muslims are Muslim first and citizens of whatever country in which they reside, second, if at all. It also makes perfectly clear the Europeans are now having to deal with the reality of the situation they, like us, once tried to wish away.

There have been enough arrests in this country and incidents abroad to make me take notice. I question the wisdom of helping Muslims achieve anything. Saudis are supposedly friends yet they still punish by lashing.

Yes, there are Muslim nations that are more secular than others. They too are targets. It's a reason why Israel is so nervous. The legal Arab (Muslim) citizens' population is rapidly approaching their own.

Is it time for our government to put less effort into placating the Islamic world? Placating they view as one more tiny victory?

It is a cultural divide that has existed for centuries. It is their mission to overtake the world, eliminate the infidels and live under Sharia law. It is diametrically opposed to Western law. It is about time we recognize the truth of the situation; that we cannot change their beliefs. We need to put the effort into protecting ours.


grammyof13 said...

Well said! could be fearful times! Wish I were as elequent as you are.


Margie's Musings said...

I have two Muslim friends. One belongs to our "living the Questions" group and teaches at the local community college. I can assure you that Muslims who are wanting the destruction of America are in the vast minority. Most are as peace loving as true Christians.