Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Unsavory Cheer!

I was listening with interest yesterday as Republicans latched onto the awarding of the Olympics to Rio as equating the downfall of Obama's presidency. Then there were the Democrats laying the blame on Bush. Compare this to we mere citizens who thought neither, but that the President's time and our resources could be better spent than on the games.

Alas, bubble walls are resilient and nearly sound proof. Only occasionally are our voices heard, yet we keep trying. It's what citizens do, having far fewer resources than those we are trying to reach.

I got to thinking about the three categories of people in our nation who live in a bubble, insulated and isolated from reality. One being the politicians who seem to be encased immediately upon being elected to office. Next comes the world of professional sports with their collegiate farm teams used to get potential pros well primed. Thirdly, and these are by no means in particular order, comes the world of celebrity.

Then I thought there is a fourth category. All the rest of us. The main difference is we are held to standards which the others ignore. I think that's why we cheer so mightily when the mighty take a prat fall.

Is this not why many cheered because Chicago lost? Because of the arrogance of many who acted as though it was a shoo in because of the celebrity of the First Lady, the President and Oprah?

Is this not why so many cheered when Michael Vick was brought to justice for his promotion of and part in dog fighting? And booed when the Eagles gave him a contract worth more than most of us will ever see?

Or why we're cheering that David Letterman is getting his and respectively John Edwards is getting his?

Is it why we're waiting with baited breath to see what the Swiss will do with Roman Polanski? One more who deserves to get the book trown at him. Not only for the rape of a 13 year old but for fleeing the country on top of it.

In our world, we'd pay dearly for such indiscretions but the likelihood of them getting news coverage is slim to none. If it did, it would be fleeting.

It's a strange world when we view the spectacular, and relatively infrequent, bad behavior, with more interest than the many more who behave well within the bounds of propriety. Are we jealous? I don't think so. Most of us are relatively satisfied with our lives though a few tweaks here and there might be desirable. We don't tend to extremes as a general rule.

I think maybe we'd just like all those bubbles to burst so we're on a level playing field. That people would be inclined to play nice. The rules are fair. It just doesn't work when someone tries to cheat. The more their compatriots within the bubble have the harder they're likely to fall. And the louder we will cheer.


Doris said...

Do you ever send in letters to the editor? This sounds like good reading for an editorial page. I for one - read the editorial page in our Democrat Gazette - get mad some, laugh some, and throw it away most often.

Keep up the good work.

Margie's Musings said...

I read today that he was required to pay her several hundred thousand dollars..but otherwise... no penalty.

Justice must have slipped her blindfold.

Gail said...

Making so much sense here and I am enjoying it!

Word Tosser said...

We find glee in their fallings, because we are glad to see them on our playing field, and not their special playing field....

Be nice to see the media get theirs too... when they drag us thru every channel with Jackson story's when there were 4 or more of our men who died overseas the same day, and it hardly made the news.