Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dog Daze Of Vacation

I love dogs. You who follow this blog know it. A shy three months have passed since we lost our beloved Bacchus. The emotion still bubbles to the surface, sometimes at the most unexpected of times.

That's one reason we were anxious to take our trip. To get a change of scenery and let some of the memories fade. The fact that he accompanied us on our route many times over the years might suggest we should have done something different, but we had places we wanted to revisit and friends we wanted to see. We were enjoying the freedom of fewer rest stops, and in some cases better motels. We were on a quest. To find pinion wood for our fire pit. Oh, that aroma!

We purposely left Durango to shun pike through Chama, past the Ghost Ranch and south toward Santa Fe in hopes of finding a roadside truck filled with the aromatic wood for sale. We whizzed by a few before I suggested to Hub he might slow down a bit. It was difficult to see anything ahead of time when we were whipping down the road at 60+ miles per hour! Approaching Santa Fe, traffic took care of the problem and I spotted a whole yard full of piles of fire wood.

They must have pinion! Another pickup was backing onto the property and a pleasant looking young man emerged, talking on his cell phone. "Anyone home?" I asked.

"No one answers," he replied keeping his eye on a passel of dogs who were doing the same of us.

That's when I saw him. In this forsaken excuse of a yard, covered in desert dust. A Saint Bernard. Laying exactly as Bacchus is in the picture. Just watching. I wanted to go to him so badly I had to consciously restrain myself.

"No answer," the young man said.

"Knocking on the door would be less than prudent, " I suggested.

"Too many dogs for me," he agreed.

Yep. Reluctantly I rejoined Hub in our truck. "You can't be sure he's friendly," he said quietly. I just nodded.

On we went. In Santa Fe I scratched the ears of a sweet old Shar Pei that was the house dog at the Christmas Shop. I felt a little better.

Then when visiting our friends in Bloomfield, NM, I got my first real dog fix since August. They raise Bassets and had two puppies left from the latest litter. After dinner, we were introduced and they, along with Mom, were all over me to my unending delight.

The puppies soon were bored with this old lady curled comfortably into the corner of a couch enmeshed in conversation, but I was perfect for Mom. She crawled up next to me and after shuffling around a bit found her comfort zone flat on her back, all four paws totally relaxed, her head in my lap. For the rest of our stay she remained with me as I scratched her ears and brisket; we were both at peace with the world.

They tried mightily to get us to take a puppy. It isn't time yet, by any means, and besides we'd have not been able to take just one. Oh my.

Hub learned something about me on this trip if he didn't already know it. Put an approachable canine anywhere near me and it will always be lovingly acknowledged!


Gail said...

It is so difficult to loose a pet. I cannot say anything that will make it easier. When the time is right, the perfect one will come along. You find will find room in your heart for it without taking away from the memory of Bacchus.

Yours for Christ said...

There will never be another Bachuus. However there is one somewhere waiting for a person as yourself who loves easily.


Margie's Musings said...

That is so true. My eyes water up every time you talk about Bachuus. He became very dear to me while you had him and I read about him...and I never met the dog.

Dogwalk said...

Thanks Margie. Acually, between my posts and videos, I think you did meet him. I'm having fun putting together a video of his life. I've been posting it in bits and pieces. When it's finished, and it's not overly long, I'll post it too. It will be a celebration of a dog's life well lived!

John Dwyer said...

Just a comment on your search for a particular firewood. In Wisconsin it is very illegal to transport firewood from one county to another, much less from State to State. Their is some infestation of Ash trees going around the nation, among others.