Wednesday, November 11, 2009

They're Keeping Us Safe?

We were driving past Colorado Springs when we picked up the Allen Hunt Show on the radio. He was in the middle of taking the media and military and the President to task for dancing around the Fort Hood slaughter. His view was it was an act of jihad pure and simple.

It puzzles me why the argument over semantics. When someone shoots 13 people to death and wounds dozens more, how can it be anything other than an act of terror? Even more to be terrified of is the lack of backbone to address it for what it is.

I think the problem goes beyond what the talking heads and the military are dithering over. I think it's a matter of order. One thing about Islamic jihadists, extremist Muslims, is that they are Muslims before citizens. Islam is a religion, not a country. They believe in the teachings of the Koran. The view of those teachings seems to vary. Some claim it's peaceful. Others say it's a dictate to eliminate, kill, infidels. Us. The non-believers.

What I see is the difference of how America views things versus other countries. We have Black Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and so on. Herein lies the problem. The distinguishing factor is always placed before America rather than after.

How are people with different ethnic backgrounds referred to if citizens of France or Italy or Great Britain? Are they Black British or Black French? Or are the merely British and French? Do they merge into the society with distinction no greater than happening to be black or brown?

Okay, that's race. Now religion. Are they Muslim Americans or American Muslims? Jewish Americans or American Jews? Do you get the drift? American should come first. Period.

But America didn't come first. He dressed as a Muslim when off duty. That should be his right? If so then why should our military women be required to cover themselves when off base in Islamic countries? Or our reporters for that matter. You see it all the time. Respect for the Islamic way? Absolutely. How about respect for ours.

Our political correctness and quest for diversity needs to be examined. This incident will make every Muslim suspect. Militia recruiting is likely to surge.

As Americans continue to be strip searched, literally, at airports in the guise of "keeping us safe", we've been missing the boat. The enemy is within. They are those of the 'Muslim first' mind set.

Mr.Hunt did some research to educate his readers. He counted the number of Muslims in the U.S. who had been arrested, tried, or convicted of attempted terrorist activity. He came up with 66 since the first of this year. Sixty six. It's out there. Here. Is it time to start paying more attention to those who are suspect? Is it time for some degree of profiling? It's going to happen again. Next time it may be a shopping center rather than an Army base. Who knows? What is known is they are here and they are active.

That scares me. It's a terrible way to live. You see, I'm just a plain American. It doesn't matter what color I am nor what faith I profess. I'm an American, pure and simple, and I'm terrified of terror glossed over by those who should know better so as not to offend those who hate us because we don't believe as they do.


grammyof13 said...

Well Said. I could not have said it better. Blessings

Margie's Musings said...

All Muslim folk are not terrorists. I have a friend who lives nearby. She is Muslim and teaches at a college near here. Her relatives came to visit them last summer and the FBI showed up and harassed them at their home. Surely that is not right. Mona is from Egypt and is not a terrorist. In fact she and her husband are a part of our "Living the Questions" group.

Anonymous said...

Terrorists attack women and children right?

He attacked a military base.

The military is stupid to declare a war on Islam, waste 1,000,000 Iraqi's and then not expect backlash from these goofs?