Monday, December 07, 2009

How Green Is YOUR Valley?

As I write this the high for the day is to be 13 degrees. The wind chill is in the minus range. The howling of the wind is a distraction. It is expected to last the remainder of the week.

The climate change/global warming hoopla is just getting started in Copenhagen. It is a gathering that is expected to produce little more than a lot of hot air. Is that a toxic emission?

Okay. Let's set aside for the moment the fact of the e-mails pointing to purposely altered data. I just have to chuckle at the image that's being portrayed. We know cows and those who raise them are getting hammered while Boeing and Air Bus are competing for the "We've Got the Biggest Gas Guzzling Plane Ever Built" award. We know the driving forces around this movement want us to revert to cave man status. No electricity, no cars, no beef. Wow. What a life. Yet the city of Spokane is considering adding electric trolleys and buses to their transportation dreams. Something has to generate that electricity!

Consider the carbon foot print of Al Gore. The size of his home and the private jets he tools around in must certainly be an 'inconvenient truth'.

The biggest guffaw, however, is the conference itself. Liken it to the heads of the auto companies being summoned to Washington. Remember? They all came in their private jets! According to London there will be some 15,000 delegates, 5,000 journalists and 98 world leaders. Not to mention the celebrity element. And the protesters.

Expected, also, for those who simply do not fly commercial, are 140 private jets, many of which will have to shuttle in and out due to the lack of space.

Then there are the limos. Twelve hundred of them. It will be like sitting in line with your engine running while waiting for your car's emission test! We're supposed to be taking all of this seriously. Every time I write something like of this nature I inevitably get e-mails or comments pointing out my ignorance of the seriousness of the situation.

I just can't help wonder what those space aliens think when they look down at the unsightly 'wind farms' that are popping up on the horizon when we have the technology to utilize perfectly clean and safe nuclear energy.

Oh, about those limos. The country of Denmark doesn't have enough of them. More are being driven in from Germany and Sweden.

How many are hybrids? Five. You see Denmark doesn't have hybrids because they are so heavily taxed. A spoke person says it make no sense but is very Danish.

She's right. It doesn't make any sense. However, the Danes do not suffer the analysis alone. They have lots of company!

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Anonymous said...

I smiled through your post. It's so typical of the big people in our world to "need" limos and private jets. Yet the little people pay for them.

CJ xx