Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My Heart Is Broken ~ Again

As publicity seekers of the female persuasion are beginning to sleaze their way out of the woodwork to claim an affair with Tiger, I'm saddened. Not because I believe a single one of them, but because where there is smoke their is usually something smoldering. If any of it is true, my heart is broken. If not, the damage has been done by false claims. The salacious will win out no matter what.

It makes one ponder if men of power or celebrity will ever learn that they can't have their cake and eat it too. Even if innocent of anything, there are those waiting in the wings who will jump on the band wagon for their fifteen minutes. It's the bane of being famous.

What troubles me, though, is how often I get duped. Most recently it was Andre Agassi's admission he used meth. As the extremely talented wild boy of tennis, such news shouldn't have surprised me even though I hadn't ever heard the rumors. Is it really cathartic to these people to expose their warts to fans who would rather not see them?

John Edwards. I had seen the rumor of his affair several weeks before it broke and hoping it wasn't true, ignored it. Oh well.

Now it's Tiger Woods. A golfer no less. Who ever hears about a golfer in other than in sports reports? Oh, occasionally, sure. But never, ever, on a daily basis. Am I missing that too?

So now the Florida Highway Patrol has issued their statement. Woods will be issued a citation and their investigation is finished.

I've become jaded, I'll admit. Nothing surprises me anymore. Yet still I hope.

It is just the beginning for the tabloids. They won't be satisfied until Tiger's tanked. I agree he does need to face them and say something, even if it's no more than, 'Yes, I hit a tree and a fire hydrant at 2 in the morning. I will have no further comment on the matter.' Period.

Neither will I.


Linda said...

Tiger tanked the day he married. It's never seemed a good fit. I also hate to see the tabloids do him in. Too bad he couldn't have gotten a divorce like every body else and moved on. I know there would have been talk but perhaps he could have avoided the tabloids on steroids.

Margie's Musings said...

I'm still hoping its all tabloid news and there's nothing to it.

Margie's Musings said...

Today a woman came forth and said she had had an affair with him. Such an attention getter!

Anonymous said...

First, this is nobodys business except Tiger and his wife. The tabloids and news media in general, are a disgrace. He did make a statement on his blog which is now being reported. I do not believe that "invasion of privacy" should be the cost of celebrity. But the truly tragic bottom line is, if the public weren't demanding of celebrity dirt, the tabloids wouldn't thrive.

barry knister said...

Why do people insist that the private business of celebrities is nobody's business? The business of being famous depends on accepting a simple truth: in the age of 24/7 high-tech media techniques,there is no such thing as private life for celebrities. Huge egos combined with unlimited opportunity are bound to result in a steady stream of Tigers, Andres, etc.
But I would actually like to hear from your dog. Visitors to my blog, justbillandthemister.com are given this chance.

Dogwalk said...

Well, Barry, I wish you could hear from my dog. I wish I could too but he passed away in August from congestive heart disease. I know pretty much what he thought about things though. We spent a lot of time together mulling over the ways of the world. Most of the time he'd tell me to chill. Writing this blog helps me to do just that. After I get things off my chest.