Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Depths Of Hatred

Literally! It's really difficult for me to understand the depth of hatred of those in the Muslim world who would eliminate us. They take one upping our attempts at security to continually higher levels.

Now that the world is about to embrace whole body scanners, having found wanding to be ineffective, the radical element has issued another "catch me if you can" element to the battle of wits. Planting explosives within the body. In breast implants no less! Is nothing sacred? Perhaps the hatred itself. To those who are consumed by it.

Britain's MI 5 has learned that the planting of explosives within breast implants for women or around the appendix area for men opens a whole new realm of possibilities. They can be planted deep enough that the scanners do not detect them. They would be detonated by inserting a syringe into the protective sac.

I see a few flaws in this. For the men it might be passed off as a diabetic giving himself a shot. I might be suspicious seeing a woman inject her breast. Of course, if not detected in time suspicion would be moot.

I find it doubtful that women are being used for suicide bombings willingly. Once on a plane out of the reach of my handlers I'd give the whole idea the heave ho unless I was so juiced on drugs or brain implants I didn't know what I was doing. I just don't see women wanting to sacrifice themselves to the gender who has built an ideology around abusing them. Then again, it's all in what you know. If that's it and you know of nothing else perhaps you are more willing than one would think.

As for the men? We already know there are enough nut cases looking for their 72 virgins to keep attempts coming, probably forever.

Here I had just about convinced myself that the screening machines would probably be preferable to being pawed only to find out they may be obsolete before they're even installed!

No one ever accused the Islamic radicals of being dumb. They are smart and clever and full of hate. We too are smart and clever. We just seem to be behind the curve rather than ahead of it. That would seem to be a matter of motivation. For the moment they're winning.

It's time to stop the dumbing down of America so that the rest of the world feels more equal with us. We're America. We're supposed to be the leaders of the free world, leading in innovation and ideas and principles.

It's time to reclaim our place. If this administration won't do it we need to get one that will.

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Word Tosser said...

When your hatred is so high, that you use your own country men and women (what is next the children and babies?)for bombs, that is a sad world we live in today. It is bad enough thru history that we sent young men out with guns, but to have them use humans as bombs... they, as humans, have surely lowered the bar. (that is as nice of words I could find)