Monday, February 08, 2010

Republicans Beware

In learning that the President is summoning both sides of Congress to a televised discussion of his health care initiative, I suspect the Republicans are being set up.

One, the people have spoken. They don't want the reform that is now on the back burner. Yet the President will not start with a clean and more simple slate. Yesterday, when I wrote of the Palin appeal, this is an example of why she has it. She doesn't give the impression that she thinks she knows it all and that the rest of us are just too stupid to "get it". The President gives exactly that impression.

The Republicans do have some good suggestions as do some Democrats that their own party ignored. That's the worrisome part. Nancy Pelosi has her mind set and no amount of political theater is going to change it. Obama can prod and cajole to his heart's content but it's Pelosi who gloves the iron fist!

The Republicans need to lay out their ideas as clearly, concisely and thoroughly as possible. They also need to have the fortitude to point out the weaknesses in the current plan as they see them and doable alternatives - along with how they intend to pay for everything.

The Democrats are going to fight tort reform because they are in the pocket of the lawyers. They will fight pre-existing conditions and selling across state lines because of the insurance industry. There is a lot more that needs to happen, like addressing medicare reimbursements. When the Mayo Clinic says no more medicare patients we seniors all need to worry.

So. The only way for the Republicans to avoid being accused of having no ideas or being no more than obstructionists is to shift it to the Democrats on live television.

I'd like to think Pelosi and her pals would clean up their act on television but, frankly, I don't see that happening. It isn't that they haven't heard us. If their media enablers can make fun of Palin for having notes scribbled on her hand, you know nothing is missed. Not even the irony of Obama using teleprompters in front of a sixth grade class!

They just don't care.


Word Tosser said...

The Democrats are going to fight tort reform because they are in the pocket of the lawyers.......

Isn't over half of Congress..lawyers by trade?

The Democrats and the Republicans are so full of themselves... we all wish they would think of the country and forget themselves.

Like that is going to happen in our life time.

Margie's Musings said...

Unfortunately the banks are now shifting all their donations to the Republicans since the president is in favor of taxing banks. They brought that on themselves.

So it will be a fight of who can raise the most money. Business as usual.

The people who are so enamored of Palen like her because she is just as ignorant as they are and they relate to that ignorance...just like they did Bush...who started the mess we are caught up in now.