Saturday, March 06, 2010

It's Time For American Muslims To Get A Grip

We give the Muslim community far more of a pass when it comes to scrutiny than most nations. They yell loud and long about profiling and we run away with out tail tucked between our legs. Even when we have them dressed in the uniform of the United States Army or a cab driver from Denver intent on blowing up the New York subway system. I'm sick and tired of Americans looking like the enemy!

Just what would you think? A group of Muslims in a parking lot in Henderson, Nevada. Seven of them. Praying. The scene made someone nervous and police were called. The Muslims were questioned for around a half hour. Now a complaint has been filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations stating the scope and length of the stop was unreasonable and served no legitimate investigative purpose.

Did it not? I'm sure it made whoever notified the police feel better. Remember, when in Islamic countries we are expected to act as they do and when it comes to attire, women must abide by their laws. The old adage of when in Rome do as the Romans do. It should go both ways but we seem faint hearted when it comes to expect the same. To go to prayer in a public parking lot is, to me, a gesture of "in your face America".

Why does it rile me so much? Because they want a pass on their unwillingness to reign in their own. Look at the map. Look at the proximity to Boulder Dam? The next picture is of the highway. It goes right across the top of the dam. After 9/11 the government was so concerned about an attack on the dam they rerouted truck traffic and instituted vehicle searches for others.

So great was the concern they are permanently re-routing the highway. This is the progress as of last fall when we went through, a bridge a long way from being finished. Meanwhile the vehicle searches continue and nerves remain on edge especially with the escalation of terrorist activity within our own borders.

I don't feel like being politically correct today. As far as I'm concerned the authorities should have been called and the questioning was prudent to say the least. If the Muslims want better relations with the Americans it's time for them to be more vocal against jihad and quit pretending they are shocked, shocked that they should be suspected of anything other than praying in a parking lot in Henderson, Nevada, a blink away from Hoover Dam.

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Betty said...

I agree completely. All this political correctness has gone too far. A little profiling could be a good thing.