Tuesday, March 09, 2010

She Actually Said It!

Nancy Pelosi gave a speech this morning. In it she touted all the wonderful things the administration is doing including the health care bill. After outlining all it's wonders, she actually said this, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy." Does that say it all or what?

We already know that at the moment there are two bills, one passed by the House and one passed by the Senate. The house has a lot of problems with the Senate bill but are being taken into the woodshed and told they'll either vote for it or else. What are they being promised this time? As I've said before, what a way to govern.

Whatever passes, or doesn't, is good for one thing - the President's legacy. It's any one's guess what that will be just as the Iraq war and it's end result will determine Bush's legacy. Will we ever have a President who is more interested in nation building, ours, than legacy building?

I have no idea where the Republican party stands on much of anything. The front people are a failed candidate - Mitt Romney and a stand up comedienne, Sarah Palin. I don't see a bright future there but at least they are as one with their current dysfunction.

The Democrats are something else again! They seem to be imploding and are spending more time on damage control than doing the country's business. That may be a blessing.

Every once in awhile there is a blip of brightness. A few weeks ago it was the election of Scott Brown who was elected because he still hears the people. Today the "Thatagirl" award goes to Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, D-AZ, who has introduced a bill that calls for a 5% Congressional pay cut. The last time such a drastic step was taken was 77 years ago during the Great Depression. Well, we've got one on our hands now and her feeling it is at least symbolic for those who no longer have pay to cut!

At the moment she is the least popular member of Congress. Not with the people, mind you, but her own! That gets a huge thumbs up from me. Even more so because she already writes a check to the government giving back that 5%.

That's a bill one doesn't have to pass to know what's in it.

One thing I wish I knew that could really give me hope is how she plans to vote on health care! Congresswoman?

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Peggy said...

Can she get much worse, I think not! Does she really think that we are all idiots or is she afraid that we're not! Either way it's insulting! too me, she is a very dumb speaker of the house!