Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Is A Gas!

Earth Day. A time to remind ourselves to do all we can to save the earth. Recycle, use reusable shopping bags, grow our own food, cut down on emissions. What? Cut down on emissions? Of course that applies to we little people, not our globe hopping President.

Let's see. Where is he today. New York bashing the banking industry. That means a helicopter ride to Andrews AFB, the flight itself to JFK. We mustn't forget all the gas being used by planes in a holding pattern because of restricted air space regulations. Then there is the motorcade to Wall Street and the attending support vehicles and air support. Don't forget the gas being burned while cars are halted to let said motorcade pass. Reverse the procedure for his departure.

Maybe the speech is a worthy undertaking. It depends on where you stand. It just strikes me funny it's taking place on Earth Day by a President who is gung-ho on climate change. It reminds me how tone deaf the administration can be. You don't agree? Add this to the mix.

Joe Biden is on the road today also. Where? New York. Why? To appear on The View . Ahem. That entails a helicopter to Andrews. The flight to La Guardia. The holding pattern for planes waiting for air space to clear. The motorcade and it's attending security detail. Reverse the the procedure for his departure.

Okay. They do not fly on the same plane for obvious reasons which the recent Polish tragedy underscores. During this time of fiscal restraint we're all forced to abide by, however, can we not ask the same from the administration? Especially when he's addressing money men? If the impact of Obama's speech is of national importance, give an address from the Oval Office.

As for Biden, The View? Please. On our dollar. Dollars.

Sure, all Presidents make frivolous trips. But this one; it's the timing and the fact both the President's and the Vice President's destination was but a few miles apart. It actually mocks the whole point of Earth Day. Talk about mixed messages.

Earth Day. For me it stands for, "What on earth have we done!"


Word Tosser said...

Reminds me of the saying my mother had....



Margie's Musings said...

True..and yet would we want John McCain and Sarah Palin for president and vice president. What if he died before his term was up. Would we want Sarah Palin as president?

No, I guess we're stuck with Obama.

Maybe Hillary will change her mind and run in 2013.