Friday, April 16, 2010

Fall Guys

It never ceases to amaze me what studies are being done. One would think some common sense and caution would suffice, foregoing the need. However, according to Live Science , one such study has been done finding our household pets are the largest cause of injuries related to falls! Dogs are the most dangerous. Women and children the biggest victims. This, of course, is due to their size and comparative lack of strength in comparison to dogs.

It doesn't say if the same holds true with cats though the difference is that one is injured more often in chasing a cat where with a dog it's tripping over them!

Now, I have to tell you, I've never, ever been hurt by living with dogs. We've had six over the years and no small bundle of love at that. Four were Saint Bernards, two were Newf mixes. One could argue they would be difficult to miss, having a rather large presence no matter where they may be. True. But on occasion I'd be called upon to step over one at the exact same time he chose to rise. Being limber is an asset.

The article warns us to watch out for toys and food bowls. It makes me wonder what the statistics are for emergency room visits from falling over children's toys. Well, you pick them up. So?? And the food bowl? I don't know. We picked it up too and washed it. Sure, there was always a water dish but it was always in the same place and not a place one would easily trip over it.

At least the people doing the study had the good sense to make a backhanded caveat, "Certainly pets are wonderful and have many benefits, so we're not saying anything about not having pets." Right.

Some of the people cited in the study probably shouldn't have pets. Tripped while crossing the street with dog. Would they have tripped anyway? Fainted while training her dog. That's the dog's fault? Walking dog and fell up steps. It seems there is an issue of clumsiness at play here!

Cats - well if you know they like to be under foot watch out for them. No brainer. As for dogs, with all the breeds in varying sizes, all I can say is get one that is size appropriate! They all provide you with the same thing you can fall for safely. Unconditional love.

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Word Tosser said...

the extremely rare times I have been hurt with an animal involved (dogs, cats, horses, pigs, rabbbits) it was always my own fault. I wasn't paying attention..
Why do these people even do these surveys? looking for someone to blame? the older I get the more I shake my head...