Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mr. President, You Are Flat Out Wrong!

Mr. Obama, you have just done more to put our country at risk of a terrorist attack than the tens of thousands of Americans you scrutinize daily as they go through airports. What are you thinking?

I've tried. I have really tried to find something you have done since taking office that makes me proud that I voted for you. I have not. What you have done is scare me. You scare me with your ego. You scare me with the advisers with which you have surrounded yourself and their tactics. You scare me with your lack of commitment to those around the world who are truly working for the betterment of their countries. You scare me with your support of the dictators who oppose those people. You scare me with your efforts to diminish this country to the level of the least common denominator. You scare me.

You have made a pact with the devil in changing our defense policies to leave allies vulnerable and to reduce our stockpile of nuclear weapons. Now you announce to the world we would use nuclear power on such a limited basis that we would be annihilated before we could ramp up to defend ourselves.

Those who accused you of being too naive to hold the Presidency are proving to be correct. Idealism is wonderful but it has no practical place in governing what was, before you took office, the greatest, most respected nation in the world. One that did not have to apologize for itself. What we were stood on it's own as the beacon to which all freedom loving peoples were drawn.

On your watch we have become the mockery of two bit dictators. Chavez, Kim Jong Il, Ahmadidejad, Karzai. How many others? Hamas, Hezbollah and those who support them. Al Qaeda and the Taliban and those who support them. Do you think for one minute they would hesitate to use nuclear weapons against us? Good God, man! They hate us!

Oh, they might not start with us. On American soil. No, it's most likely to start in their own territory. Take Israel and Iran for instance. What if the unthinkable should happen? How would we respond to rogue states who out weapon us?

It's strange. You seem intent upon nationalizing our country. You are giving unprecedented power to government agencies, allowing them more and more control over our lives and our institutions while you wave a white flag in the face of our adversaries! You are making us more and more vulnerable with every action you take.

This is about the last straw. I will not threaten to leave my country if you are re-elected along with your like minded followers. I will promise you this, however, I will do whatever I can to see that does not happen. You see this is not the government's country. It belongs to the people. To have our President put us in the greatest peril we've ever been in was beyond imagining!

Sadly, now it is a reality. What have you done? And why?


It's Just Me said...

Right On - I refuse to post on HBO any longer when it comes to political thing - I'll leave the 1 lone ranger HMO to do it. Since there is no discussion anyway just 10 people telling you to stop watching faux news - it doesn't much matter, but just know that I agree with you.

http://graceolsson.com/blog said...


I wished the best to AMERICA when I saw Obama, at the first time....but, believe me, when HE ARRIVED HERE, IN SCANDIANVIAN AND I SAW IT Michelle attitudes.....NOT....I thought to myself...
why?because Michelle did not say AMERICA as a country..and YES, AS HER HOME...


Have a nice day

Grammyof13 said...

Girl there are a few times I don't agree with you, but can't say this is one of them. You are right on, and say it so well. I'm with you on this one. Keep up the good work.