Friday, May 28, 2010

The Many Faces Of Patriotism

I have an acquaintance who writes a column, Front Porch, for Spokane's Spokesman Review. Today she wrote a heartfelt recollection of the show of patriotism she witnessed in the recent Armed Forces Torchlight Parade. She had the privilege of riding with five Pearl Harbor survivors. There are so few left; their stories are riveting and should never, ever be forgotten. She came away from the experience with the hope that patriotism is alive and well.

I believe it is too and signs of it go beyond people applauding and cheering veterans in parades. Considering politics has politicized patriotism to the point of labeling those who don't agree with one side or the other as unpatriotic, the people themselves are showing the truth of the matter.

Movements, be it Tea Party or otherwise, are letting the government know they are going too far in changing our America.

You see it in the number of veterans running for office.

You see it in the respect members of the military get on the street. It may not be spoken, but rather a nod of the head and a smile. It says the same thing.

You especially see it in a much more informed and passionate electorate. Don't mess with what made America great. We don't want to be like Europe. We don't want our President bowing to foreign leaders. We don't want our President blaming all that is wrong on the previous administration while duplicating those actions.

You see it in the ongoing primaries. It's time to clean house. On both sides of the aisle. It's happening. We're showing just who the patriots of this country are. It's all of us. For loving it and not leaving it. By being engaged rather than disinterested.

When kids cheer and clap and young boys doff their hats, you know it's catching on. Now if we can put in place a government that won't disappoint them with unfulfilled promises, we'll make consistent voters of them.

They are the future. If we can give that type of government to them as our legacy, we'll truly be patriots and they'll stand in good stead.

Memorial Day. A time for remembrance of the sacrifices of those who came before us and a time to remember what we must do to preserve that for which they made those sacrifices!

Fly the flag while you're at it.

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