Monday, June 21, 2010

Who's Lying?

You cannot prove a negative. Senator John Kyl, R-AZ, said at a recent town hall meeting that he had a meeting with the President in the Oval Office where no one else was present.

The topic was border security. Supposedly the President told him that if the border was secured he'd have no leverage with Republicans for comprehensive immigration reform. The White House has said the President said no such thing. One of them is lying. It has come to this. What a disgustingly sad state of affairs.

But let's look at it. We know the Republicans and the administration are on different planets on this. The Republicans want to do it piece meal. Secure the borders then tackle what to do with the illegals already in the country. The Democrats want to do it in one fell swoop.

First of all, we have no idea if the President was really this candid or not if no one else was present. Therefore the White House denial holds no weight. On the other hand I can't imagine the President being quite so up front with a member of the opposition, even in private. Kyl, on the other hand can't prove the President actually said what he is attributing to him. In my opinion that makes it a wash.

We know from experience the President is not the "decider" Bush was. Right or wrong. Telling Larry King, of all people, We've already put more resources into border security than we ever have." doesn't mean squat when the illegals are still streaming across the border. More does not equate with doing what the law requires. Suing the state for trying to pick up the slack doesn't either.

Knowing the administration is for comprehensive reform or nothing it would seem Kyl's recollection of the conversation bears consideration. That the President would tip his hand that he plans to use border security as a bribe for votes seems unlikely though I have no doubt that is the game plan.

That either should lie about it or deny the substance of it is of value only if the administration thinks it can bully comprehensive reform through just as they did health care. Looking at how many Democrats are defecting on lesser issues and you'll see the flaw in that thinking.

I have little respect left for either side on a host of issues at this point. Incidences like this don't help. It just sticks in my craw that we have to play the "did too", "did not" game on such important issues.

When the President indicated that if the CEO of BP worked for him he'd be fired because of his handling of the oil spill, I might remind him that he works for me. Enough said.


Peggy said...

Good arguments...can't decide who I think is the fibber. Maybe both of them!
I do know that I just hate this stuff going on. Politics all around.

Margie's Musings said...

The answer to border security is with the businesses that hire them. Let's face it, if each illegal cost the business $10,000, they would not hire any. That would end it once and for all.