Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Tails

Sometimes as we stagger through our everyday lives good things come along. Like fine wine, good food and friends - and dogs.

As a short week for me comes to an end I'm happy to reflect on a few days away from the everyday world. Our initial trip to Seattle was to attend the exhibition of Picasso's works at the Museum. Before that, however, we met up with our favorite wine tasting friends in Woodinville where we hadn't been in years. As happened last spring when we were tasting in Prosser, we were met by a dog at the very first winery. And as before he made a beeline toward me. I loved it.

As conversation ensued we found that a book is being written about the winery dogs of Washington. I, of course, thought this was beyond wonderful. As I sat down to write this I did some browsing, hoping to find a picture or two. Well there are dozens. There are winery dogs in Napa and British Columbia and a hundred other places. They are pets. Some are rescue dogs. Many have wines named in their honor. Like the bottlings to benefit Michael Vick's victims.

We stayed at The Willows which has it's house dog. Ruthie. We knew her from a previous visit and were delighted to find her still at her post handling complaints from her heated, massage bed just inside the door to the lobby. She doesn't get any complaints but is the recipient of numerous tummy rubs. Her only competition for attention this trip was a bull dog who was as big a ham as he was ugly. In the most lovable sort of way.

I got to thinking about the civilized things the world is missing - the ambiance of wine country inns and restaurants and tasting rooms. The tastes and the bouquet of not only wine but food too. The camaraderie of friends having a good time. And the company of dogs.


Margie's Musings said...

It sounds like the trip was very good for your spirits. That's good, Mari.

Grammyof13 said...

Well Said.