Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Senator's Love Pats...

Let's hear it for Senator George LeMieux (R Fl) for agreeing that the "enhanced" pat downs are invasive, they've gone too far and that he wouldn't want his wife to have to suffer one. A voice of reason in the midst of deafening silence from his colleagues.

If anything irks me more than the senselessness of the current procedures, it's the contempt of those forcing them upon us under threat of arrest and an $11,000 fine for refusing. Oh, what if the Christmas bomber had succeeded? Does anyone remember that he did not board a flight in the U.S. and that the passengers on the plane are the ones who subdued him regardless of the precautions supposedly taken in Amsterdam? And that immediately afterward Secretary Napolitano claimed our that obviously our system worked? How can you not shake your head over that one. Our system had nothing to do with it. We're just fortunate there were observant passengers on board that plane.

Now both Napolitano and John Pistole, who is fronting for the TSA on this one, have experienced the "enhanced" pat downs. Why do I question that? Somehow I don't imagine any TSA agent is going to grope Big Sis or Little Brother.

Even worse is the attitude of those like Senator Claire McCaskill (D Mo) who commented, "I'm wildly excited that I can walk through a machine instead of getting my dose of love pats." Love pats indeed.

You know what is left unsaid? If indeed she's not just talking down to us, it would indicate those who have their separate lines and government identification have a different standard applied.

Grab their junk like they grab ours and see what happens. They still claim the images are seen by one person in a separate room. Explain to me then why one woman's blouse was pulled down, exposing her breasts and they stood around laughing about it. When an agent coming on duty asked what was so amusing and was told, he exclaimed he'd have to be sure to view the tapes.

Well trained professionals. Let's give them some love pats!

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Word Tosser said...

when each Congress person is treated like the rest of us... then maybe they will get it...but some how I don't thinks so..