Thursday, December 02, 2010

Helping Those Who Would Help Themselves!

Sometimes, especially around the holidays, one can easily get tapped out trying to satisfy all the hands that are extended for help. We are inundated with stories about those down on their luck. The Salvation Army Kettle meets you at every store, turkey drives, coat drives, toy drives. I've often wondered why the numbers never seem to decrease over the years. Why an ever greater number of hands are extended.

Maybe we should consider what a few, mostly obscure, people are able to accomplish simply and inexpensively! Last night I was watching the Making a Difference segment on the NBC news. It was about a project called Little Dresses for Africa. Simple little pillow case dresses made by hundreds in this country and distributed to African orphans. Through this program the door has been opened to teach these youngsters about nutrition, hygiene and most of all give them a smidgen of hope for a better life. A future.

The program is now expanding to 'Britches for Boys'. To see those kids in their bright new garb and the joy on their faces is enormously heartwarming.

To take it a step further, a story appeared in this morning's paper about the Krochet Kids , a trio of college boys wanting their own distinct style of head gear for winter sports. They spent their summers in developing nations and an idea was born. Crochet hooks and yarn in hand off they went to Africa.

They found the women had a natural talent for crocheting. They are now paid a wage for a quality product that is being marketed in the United States. You want to talk about hope and change? Pillow cases and yarn. What goes around comes around. Simple. Inexpensive. The result? Priceless.

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