Monday, December 13, 2010

When Is Enough Enough?

It's difficult to feel sorry for Bernie Madoff, the man who is serving 150 years for having swindled thousands of people of their life savings.  I cannot help, however, having compassion for what he must now be feeling.  The suicide of his son. Consequences can't hit much closer to home than that!

I am disturbed by the reasons why Mark Madoff chose to take his life.  I cannot imagine the pressures he must have felt, being judged guilty  of some unproven crime merely for being a son. The final straw for him seems to have come after learning the court appointed bankruptcy trustee had sued three of his children.

Mark Madoff had four children.  Two with a former wife, ages 16 an 18, and two with his current wife.  Two and four.  Just which three were sued?

I make no apologies for what the elder Madoff did, but it seems to me the bankruptcy trustee is a bit over zealous in his quixotic search for justice.  When people who have not officially been accused of anything are driven to suicide and children are sued, something is amiss.

Bernie Madoff  was caught and found guilty.  He is serving a horrendous price for a 72 year old man.  The monies lost will never be recovered.  Is this type of hounding not criminal in and of itself?  How many more must be ruined or driven beyond before "justice" is served?

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Margie's Musings said...

I agree, Mari. Enough is enough. People can be so cruel.