Friday, January 07, 2011

A Change Of Priorities

This is my workbench. There are three chess pieces in progress and two sitting there to reference for dimensions. These characters are for a set based on the original illustrations in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass which is based on a chess game.  Years ago doing my own version became an obsession.

Then came the back pain. It was such I could not sit on my stool for long periods, then eventually not at all.  For whatever reason, the position was different than the chair in front of my computer. Besides it doesn't take nearly as long to write a post as it does to carve a figure. I stopped. I couldn't concentrate to the degree necessary. I need to get back to it. I miss it.

My one other love is blogging. It's nearing obsolescence with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, but I still enjoy it. I want to keep at it. I'd miss it.

Today I've put my Facebook Zoo Mates on notice I'm cutting way back. It has become an addiction I need to break. My "friends" count will probably dwindle. The real ones will stay. I hope.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon unsubscribing to sites I'd joined for no really good reason. Linkedin. It's for business networking. I have nothing to offer or gain.

Nolabels. People are friending people right and left, forming discussion groups with no discussions and mainly just sitting there. One more group discussing the pros and cons of our government such as it is has no teeth. There are too many of them.

Various photo editing sites. I have one that fills my needs. I don't need a half dozen. Sites I've bookmarked and never visit. Gone.

What's left will still take up ample time but my illusions of being discovered have settled into reality. I'm one blogger out of how many kazillions. It's fun. It gives me a chance to vent. What more need it be?

It's time to live. The pain will, apparently, always be with me. It's time to accept it, deal with it as well as I can and move on.

Or in one case move back. I've got a chess set to finish.


Word Tosser said...

declutter ones computer is just as hard to declutter one's life...

I know I went thru just before New Years and was surprise at how much stuff I had on my computer that I haven't used since last
And I have been spending 3 years decluttering the house..

Margie's Musings said...

I too de-clutter every once in awhile. I spent the afternoon re-organizing My Documents.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I did the same.... Dropped every game on FB and wiped bookmarks. Cleaned out computer. Switched to an Ipad for leisure.... Hardly open laptop at home now.
Life much simpler and far less guilt... House is tidier. Veges growing.
Well done!