Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hannity Is Like A Soap Opera

I don't watch soaps anymore but when I did, I could miss a month worth of episodes and return to the same story line in which maybe a day, if that, had passed. Watching Hannity reminds me of the same thing. And Greta comes in a close second. They latch onto a talking point and won't let it go even after the news cycle is long gone.

Right now it's rhetoric and the war references. Hannity cannot get off the topic of cross hairs and targets and the blaming of Conservatives and Sarah Palin for the Tucson shootings. Everyone has agreed that politics and it's language had nothing to do with it. Yet on and on he goes.

Everyone is trying to side step how we talk and it isn't going to work. Remember "Freedom Fries"?

Besides, its not the words themselves, but how they're used. I can say my back is "killing" me because I'm talking about - me. If I say in reference to something Hub did that upset me, I can no longer say, "I'm going to kill him!" That's a threat.

It's time to get over it and get on with dialogue in our natural manner. If we spend all our time watching which words we use we'll end up saying nothing.

Gunning for success. Sales targets. His comment cut me like a knife. Stabbing pain. Explosive situation. The show was a bomb. The tornado left things looking like a war zone. He had it and finally blew up. It's not political rhetoric, it's how we talk.

A kinder, more gentle Congress needs a less, excuse me, bombastic tone, not words.

Let's see if the debate can be razor sharp without hanging the opposition out to dry and let's extend the challenge to  the media.

I aim to watch, that's for sure. I'll shoot for about a month before everything returns to the normal nasty. Especially in the media. Regardless of which words they choose.


Margie's Musings said...

I imagine things will return to "normal nasty" today, Mari.

nan16 said...

Love this post.