Saturday, April 09, 2011


Now that our Congress has quit playing politics, keeping the country on the edge of its seat in a game of one upsmanship, and have passed a budget to finish out this year, we rest assured our troops will be paid.

Yes. Meanwhile, in the War in Afghanistan, in this morning's Wall Street Journal, tells what a day is like for a Marine regiment there. It reminds us how much we're not wanted. A Taliban flag flying over a house, known to be a symbol of "up yours". Hateful stares from the elders as our troops tip toe their way through mine fields. In a good day no one gets killed or maimed. On a bad day a man like Sgt. Matthew Abate gets killed. He was revered for leaving cover to apply aid and carry badly wounded men to safety, only to be killed himself a few weeks later.

The men lament that everyone knows of Lindsey Lohan's latest shenanigans and follow with baited breath the escapades of Charlie Sheen, but no one knows Sgt. Abate's name.

The president of the country continually defies what the U.S. expects of him, dismissing pro American cabinet officials, inducing the people to riot over the burning of the Koran. Yet we take it. The marines cannot shoot what they call a "dicker", one who crawls forward to better see what the troops are doing. Even if he's using a hand held radio and such actions usually lead to an attack.

Many of my readers often cry in unison we need to just get out.

Peggy Noonan suggested we return to the idea of Beaconism". I think she has it right. That it be our role to be the beacon of freedom to the rest of the world. Yet not the 'bringer'. She pointed out how the billions of dollars we've poured into Afghanistan alone, forget Iraq, Egypt and the rest of them, could have been better spent in this country improving the lives of our people.

Paul Ryan has put forth some brave new ideas for getting our financial woes in hand.  Perhaps along with that someone can come forth with some brave new ideas about getting our foreign policy woes in hand.

Others don't like us.  We know that.  Our ways aren't always the best for them anyway.  Our ways do seem to suit us though, just fine.  If we take care of ourselves, put America first and ridding ourselves of our petty bickering, we will keep that beacon burning bright.  If others care not to notice it, or don't like it, well, that's their problem.

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Margie's Musings said...

Unfortunately Paul Ryan's budget proposal would mangle Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. I saw an interview with him on PBS.

It would be better to get out of these wars and eliminate the aid to corporate farms. That's one of the largest parts of the budget. Corporate farms get billions of dollars from tax dollars. They are not the family farmers that the program was designed to assist during the Great Depression.

And while we're at it, we could stop giving huge tax breaks to oil companies. There are better ways to cut the budget then socking it to the poor....which is congress' usual way.