Thursday, June 02, 2011

Palin's Roll Of The Dice

Is it just me or is Sarah Palin's shtick getting old?  If it's just me so be it.

I don't care that her tour bus bears the American flag.  I don't think looking into the constitutionality of it, as one MSNBC reporter seems to be doing, is worth the effort. It seems to me to be an exercise in ho hum.  Another monumental ego needing attention.

Palin is a tease.  Is she or isn't she going to run? Maybe, as has been suggested, this is her version of a campaign.  Getting down and dirty with real people like the bikers ride into D.C.  "Coincidentally" arriving in New Hampshire the same day Mitt Romney announces his presidential bid and immediately attacking him over Massachusetts care.

As cheerleader-in-chief of all things anti-Obama  and anti-conservatism she has no peer.  As a serious presidential pretender?  Well, I'm still waiting for substance and candor.  Her new found wealth has allowed her to hire better speech writers.  She hits all the right buttons, but why won't she defend what she says in question and answer sessions?  Or is there really no there there?

I just wish she would make her intentions clear.  If she's just going to cheer lead, fine.  Go ahead.  If she's going to run, then get with the program.  I'm getting really tired of her.  Her voice is beginning to grate on my nerves.  Her mannerisms and sound bites are predictable and becoming irritating with their continuing vagueness and sameness.

I don't see her making any headway with the independents who aren't into her family values bit.  She can't win without a good portion of them.  As a flamboyant personality/celebrity has she reached her peak?  She has with me.

As serious Presidential material she isn't even on the chart.  Showmanship doesn't equate substance, intellect or ability.  Maybe the announced candidates aren't the most flashy of groups but most of them have something to offer.

Somehow blaming all our ills on those who don't agree with all the Conservatives are demanding and the "lame stream" media isn't a foundation for being able to govern.  And that is the thrust.  What I want to know is what she'd do in the middle east and other trouble spots.  China.  North Korea.  Has anyone heard one single word on any of it?

It's time.  Time to say something.  Or nothing.

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Margie's Musings said...

I couldn't agree more. As far as I'm concerned, she seems to have no substance at all.