Wednesday, July 06, 2011

It's Time To Profile - Period

Here we go again!  We now hear that al Qaeda in Yemen, according to The Wall Street Journal, plans are being considered to implant explosive devices inside suicide bombers with the possible intent of targeting US airliners.  Note the italics.  Nothing concrete, mind you.  Just more chatter which seems to be what airport security is based on.

Homeland Security has warned the airlines that they're trying to make this functional.  Wow.  Now, among other things, they're experienced surgeons and engineers who can perfect an implanted explosive that can be set off with an injection of some sort of chemical.  Why do I not think this is imminent?  Sounds pretty sophisticated to me!

Of course the TSA has said it will intensify security procedures across the nations airports since the current invasive ones, from pat downs to x-rays, won't be able to detect an implant! What the heck is left to be searched by the 'enhanced tools and technology' they propose to use.  What the heck does that mean?  It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Frankly, enough is enough.  It has long been way out of hand and is getting worse.  They will kill the airline industry pure and simple.  I don't fly.  Many of my readers have indicated they no longer fly.  Talk about destroying the American way of life!  The ability to get from point A to point B without being mentally and physically molested!  The inability to take a vacation anywhere we may like without the same.  Don't even think about the poor business traveler!

When will we, en masse, say no more.  We have to if we want it stopped.  The politicians won't.

It is time to profile.  If I appeared to be of middle eastern ethnicity, even if an American in good standing, I would accept the fact that those of a similar ethnicity are the perpetrators of this type of terrorism.  If it meant a more thorough questioning and going over I'd like to think I'd endure it, when appropriate, for the greater good.  That doesn't include every single time I might fly with no good reason.

But I'm not.  I'll never see 69 again, am Caucasian and have a bad back.  No one is going to plant a bomb in me and I'm not going to inject a chemical into myself to set it off.  Neither will anyone I know from the tiniest infant to those with even more years than my own.

Anyone who thinks knows who should be scrutinized more than others.  It has gone beyond the point of being ludicrous.  It's nearing criminality and it's about time someone, no, everyone, calls the government on it.

Right Michele?  Mitt?  The rest of you?  Are you paying any attention at all?


Betty said...

The politicians are not paying any attention to us at all; they only pay attention to their pocketbooks. But, you know that. However, there may be an upside to the fact that people are not flying as much. They may start demanding sensible things like high speed rail. Now, that would be a good thing, wouldn't it?

Dogwalk said...

As long as the TSA leaves it alone!