Sunday, August 14, 2011

Palin's Fadin' While Bachmann's Rockin'

The Iowa Straw Poll 2011 is history.  I find it amusing and annoying at the same time.  Amusing that the media pays so much attention to what is fund raiser for the Iowa Republican Party and annoying they put so much truck into a circus that has Bachmann the winner by 200 +/- votes over Ron Paul who I feel has no chance to win the nomination.  What is, however, is what is.

I will admit that I have to go to Bachmann's web site to see if she has begun articulating how she is going to achieve all of about which she rants.  Especially if the House and Senate go Democratic or at least the balance goes against her.  That seems to be the question always left out.  How?  And too, she isn't alone.  No one is asked and no one volunteers.  Except Herman Cain, but this isn't about him.

That aside, Sarah Palin is still skulking around the sidelines seeking attention.  It is neither the time nor the place for a tease, but then that's Palin.  I thought it time to compare these two women just in case of a worst case scenario!

I watched Bachmann with Chris Wallace this morning and saw an attractive, articulate candidate, one who dresses and conducts herself  in a professional manner.  No cutesy poo expressions, no wink wink.

I haven't seen much substance from either.  As I said, I need to do my homework on Bachmann.  Palin has hijacked the limelight since McCain lost in 2008 and I've seen no growth in substance other than being able to ad lib from pre-received talking points when swapping intellectualisms with Sean Hannity.

Bachmann is out there on the front lines.  Fielding the jabs, espousing her stands and doing rather well at it.  Palin?  She seems to drop in like an uninvited guest.  If she enters the race I do believe she'll do it to deny Bachmann, but if so she may have underestimated how tired people have become of her.  She's been replaced by a Congresswoman who actually has a record even if not sterling and a real Governor, Rick Perry, who would, I expect, make mince meat of her in a debate.

Whether or not I change my opinion of Michele Bachmann remains to be seen.  However, if I had to choose between these two women there is no contest.  Bachmann seems to genuinely care about the country.  Palin seems to genuinely care about herself. Rock on Michele!


Margie's Musings said...

I would have more use for Bachmann if 1) she would be her own woman and not defer to her husband since he is not running and 2) is she kept her facts straight.

First when she said she had "never gotten a penny" from a family farm that's been subsidized by the government. That is at odds with her financial disclosure.

She flubbed her hometown history when she said John Wayne was born there. He was born 150 miles away. It was John Wayne Gacy Jr, the serial killer, that lived for a time in Waterloo.

That's just two of the more inconsequential remarks that she made that were not true.

There are a bunch of more serious "errors" in her remarks.

Of the 24 remarks examined by only one was fully true and 17 were found to be false.

Dogwalk said...

You're right on the button Margie! That's why I don't think she's going any place. I think it will be between Romney and Perry. Whoopie! There are better in the race but have yet to gain traction. As for the women, though. I find Bachmann the more presentable of the two. That's being damned by faint praise!

Sansego said...

I'd love to see a woman president in the next twelve years, but for me, its neither Bachmann or Palin. If history gets made, I would like to see someone with substance: Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sibelius, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Gabrielle Giffords, or even Condoleezza Rice! But to get our choice of prospective female presidential candidates, we need to support quality female candidates at all levels: Congress, Senate, Governorship.

I want history to be made, but I don't want Bachmann or Palin to be the one that makes history. Neither one deserves the honour.

Margie's Musings said...

That's true. Those who cannot keep their facts straight need to be watched carefully however.

Unfortunately the common American never checks their facts. They tend to just buy into whatever is said. It's a pity.

Margie's Musings said...

And God help us if Perry or Romney get the presidency. I guess I would dread Perry the most. A fanatic can be very dangerous.

Dogwalk said...

Political season must be getting into full swing! Sansego is back!

Interesting all the women he's named as deserving of the Presidency are Democrats. Funny, there isn't one on his list I would agree with but his premise is right on. We've got to start electing good women at all levels if we want to see them finally reach the Presidency.

Sansego said...

Condoleezza Rice is the only Republican woman that I like. Well, I also like Christine Todd Whitman and Kay Bailey Hutchison, but I don't think those two will run for president.

Barbara Boxer is actually my favourite Senator. Her views probably comes closest to mine, of all Senators. I noticed this when I interned on Capitol Hill in 2000. I knew nothing about her before my internship and she quickly became my favourite as I learned where she stood on issues and some of the speeches she made.

I'm actually going to volunteer on a campaign of a female State Senator to replace our disgraced Congressman David Wu (the one who resigned most recently for a long list of sins which culminated in his sexual misconduct with an 18 year old girl). I'm actually fed up with the sex problems of middle aged male politicians. I think women get better with age and men turn into jerks. So, I'll be doing my part to help a female politician get a seat in Congress next year.