Friday, August 12, 2011

Red State Blue State

My entire focus on red and blue states recently have been my garden.

Everything political is in limbo until situations shake out.  I can only write about my disgust and disappointment and frustration so many times.

Last night, however, I indulged myself in the FOX Republican debate. Not much else was on.  Hub wasn't interested so he cleaned up his office while I had complete control of the remote and was able to watch the entire debate uninterrupted.  That in of itself was a rare pleasure!

Anyway, to parallel my gardening efforts, you can see Red is ripe for the picking and Blue, well they've proved themselves not yet ready for prime time.  Nice fruit though, don't you think?

I have some strong feelings about who I would not support yet none on who I might.  Just for the record and future reference, this is how last night struck me.

Bachmann - she said nothing of substance other than she is a fighter for her principles.  I had to agree with Santorum when he said fighting for a stance and losing time after time does not show leadership.  She's a featherweight at best though I know people love her.  I don't.

Pawlenty - lacks anything approaching charisma.  I don't think the exchanges between he and Bachmann stood him in good stead.  He just doesn't light my fire.

Romney - is Romney.  He does have business credentials and government credentials and has potential.  He certainly wants it bad enough.  But again, he doesn't get my juices flowing.

Huntsman  - interesting background.  I think he'd be more solid on foreign policy than any of the others.  And again, a good business and governmental background.

Paul - a very angry and frustrated man.  I agree with him on some of his stances, others I consider undoable because of being more extreme than voters will accept.  I'm not quite a Libertarian I guess.

Santorum - he wants it but I'm not sure what he stands for.  Another one who just doesn't touch me.  A bit too socially conservative for me also.

Newt - wow!  He did well.  He is a very bright man and certainly had the back story on everything he espoused.  I agree with him on the issues discussed but wonder if his baggage will be the deciding factor.  He certainly doesn't take any guff from the press.  His wife may be problematic too.

Cain -  I like him though I don't think he has a chance.  My guess is we'll be back to bland white men for awhile.  He should at least get a high profile cabinet post should the Republicans win.  He's smart and precise and has a great sense of humor.  He's the most refreshing candidate out there. I think, though, his lack of government involvement may hurt.  I'd like to think I'm wrong.

So that's it.  I've got to go pick those raspberries now.  I do know what to expect from them!

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Margie's Musings said...

I'm definitely not for the Texas governor who is supposed to announce today. He has too many wealthy backers who want him in the presidency. Another George W. He strikes me as a loose cannon. I am still waiting for a viable candidate.